Michelle stole our hearts when we attended a very close friend’s wedding – where Michelle was the celebrant. My husband (now) and I were so blown away by the refreshing approach that Michelle demonstrated that we had to book her for our own ceremony there and then!Michelle is unique. I have been to many weddings but have never as a guest felt as comfortable as I did at the wedding of our friends we watched her conduct. Our own day will remain our best day of our lives, and this is all due to asking Michelle to not only conduct the ceremony but also to be our Mistress of Ceremony. She cares and understands that a Wedding day is a special day and should be perfect. She asked for information from both of us, and delivered the subsequent ceremony in such a way, that our friends say it’s the best wedding they have ever been to. The reason being, they knew what Michelle said on our wedding day was us. Not a boilerplate approach. IT WAS US! Michelle highlighted a wedding ceremony didn’t have to be a formality. It is most importantly, what the couple want, what they communicate as being important AND what they may not think to ask! Michelle is AMAZING. If anyone can combine personally important parts of the ceremony, humour, getting the wedding attendants to be as fired up as they were, being a true friend in wanting to make our wedding day, our most special day, I will eat my hat and wedding suit ALL of our friends and family that attended have echoed how much Michelle did to represent us.

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