Wedding in our Home

Veronika, thank you.We have so much to thank you for. I don’t know where to begin. Perhaps at the beginning, which was you following up my hesitant and dithery message saying we didn’t know what we were looking for, and we had no money!! So thank you for not erasing the message!It has been a wild ride! It took us a long time to get going though, due to our lack of imagination. Then, when we began to see the possibilities, life gave us other problems and pressures! Life kept interrupting the process of us shifting through many possible paths and directions for our ceremony. When we felt a little overwhelmed with choice, you patiently brought us back on task, reflecting to us what we had selected, even when our ideas were vague… or when we were only able to tell you what we didn’t want.Thank you so much. Your support and guidance has done so many things. Some we wanted and asked you for, some we couldn’t have imagined. All we love! So thank you.You had wise words for us which have helped both ground us and give us flight! Both of us had different ideas, and having someone to hear us and guide us towards our combined ceremony was essential. I’m glad we chose you, Veronika. Although we didn’t really get the benefit of getting to know you, because your role was to channel ‘us’, we got a sense of you though. Thank you again!You were right about so many things, especially about allowing our guests to love us. To our great delight, everyone mingled and made connections! They really took the business of being a good wedding guest very seriously.Ken has recovered from his state of delirious happiness, and we have settled into a giddy state of euphoria! Seriously! We are both still talking constantly about the wedding, our guests, and our beautiful ceremony.Wendy & Ken

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