Veronika Robinson has been a celebrant at three very important junctions in our lives. Our children’s naming back in 2002, our wedding in 2003, and my father’s funeral in 2015.We have so much trust in her genuine desire to honour our feelings and ideas around each ceremony, and her professionalism and gentleness in carrying it out. She has a deep heartfelt respect of our own personal vision of how the day will unfold, and carries it out with a constant grace.In Veronika we have total trust that everything will go to plan through her honesty, attention to detail, and incredible organisation.Each ceremony has been grounded by her energy, yet lifted by her innate spiritual light that is channelled to each of us throughout the events of the day. Veronika’s heart emits such love for humanity.We feel so lucky to have found a celebrant who genuinely gifts her families with an understanding, warmth and the security of knowing all will be well. All our needs have been met with care, compassion and always an angelic smile.Andri Thwaites

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