Where do we start???Lindy is absolutely amazing. The celebrant we could have only dreamed of to conduct our wedding ceremony.Lindy conducted both my gran and grandads funeral so when it came to myself and Ross getting married there was NO question as to who would be conducting our ceremony. Lindy has this beautiful, beautiful way about her that she manages to tell your story as if she has lived it with you!We were originally meant to get married in May this year and of course the rona put a big fat no on that. Both Ross and myself wanted to get married as soon as we could and Lindy was wonderful with all the changing of the plans, nothing was a hassle for her. Lindy also recommended ways for us to mark what should have been our original wedding day. She helped with a very special handfasting ceremony for us which actually kept our nerves very much at bay for the actual day!!We finally managed to get married on 03.07.20 and Lindy sure helped to make it the most memorable ceremony for us!! Everyone I’ve spoken to about our ceremony (which was live streamed on this page) spoke of how beautifully Lindy told our story ‘almost like we were there’ has been said quite a lot. It was just bloody amazing!!! Nobody could have done what she done that day. Perfect. Honoured to be able to have Lindy in our life. A true angel.If you are looking for a celebrant for your special day then Lindy is the one for the job!!! Trust me. A celebrant like no other.Me and Ross have both thanked Lindy endless amounts for the amazing job she done… finally getting to marry us!! But again thank you with all our hearts Lindy!! Lots and lots of love and hugs from Mr & Mrs Mitchell ❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Avatar Anonymous on September 10, 2020 at 2:19 pm

    Aww! Thank you so much Mr & Mrs Mitchell. It was an absolute privilege to conduct your wedding.

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