Scotland! The secret destination wedding location

Scotland wedding destination

Thinking Destination Wedding? Think Scotland!

Lonely Planet lists Scotland in the top 10 places in the World for people to visit making it an ideal destination wedding location with a difference.  

Scotland is a land of history and romance and, as soon as you step foot in the country you can tell it is one very special place. 

As a wedding celebrant, here is why I think Scotland should be high on your list when planning your Destination Wedding, Elopement or Renewal of Vows.


You can get married anywhere in Scotland!

The first thing to know is you can get married ANYWHERE in Scotland.  Venues do not need special licences; all you need is the relevant permission from the land owner and get your date booked!   Let’s face it; this is the country that produced Robert Burns one of the most romantic of all poets, Romance is in our DNA, and we want you to be happy.

Can I still celebrate my wedding if I don’t live in Scotland?

For couples coming to Scotland to celebrate their weddings, the legal side can be accommodated however, it would undoubtedly be a lot easier to address the legal aspect of your marriage in your own country THEN be free to really embrace the celebratory aspect of your day.  The same goes for elopements, while Vow Renewals are in a different category.  That being said, let’s get the ball rolling!

Traditional elements to your wedding ceremony

My background has encompassed a passion for the history and traditions of Scotland along with a love of story telling, drama and really engaging with people.  As an Independent Celebrant, I have the pleasure of being able to truly tap into the core values of my couples.  Your story is at the heart of the day and I will work with you to craft a ceremony that is all about you.  So why not blend some traditional elements into your wedding ceremony?

Favourite wedding rituals

Rituals such as Handfasting, Jumping the Besom and sharing the Quaich reach back into the mists of time and hold their own special significance.  Indeed, it’s thanks to the custom of Handfasting we now have such phrases as ‘Tying the Knot’ and ‘Bonds of Matrimony’. 

 Untitled design3

If you are considering including these, or any other customs, your celebrant will be happy to work with you to make sure whatever you decide upon is seamlessly blended into the overall flow of the ceremony and not merely included as dome form of ‘party piece’ or gimmick.

Venues in Scotland: castle, mountain, beach, golf course

What kind of location would suit you?  Castles?  We’ve got them in spades.  From the most dramatic, gloriously romantic ruins such as Tantallon Castle, overlooking the Firth of Forth and the Bass Rock to breathtakingly beautiful Palaces such as Stirling. 

You like the idea of lochs and Glens? Well, there are few places that can capture the imagination more than Glen Coe, or The Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond, but there are so many more, and you will be spoiled for choice.  Tantallon Castle is a beautiful example, seen below.

 tantallon cliff 450

Reserve your wedding date early!

Big reminder: venues are as popular for people living in Scotland as those who plan to travel here.  The result is, dates can be booked, weeks, months and even years in advance.  Please do not assume you can simply arrive at your venue of choice and be accommodated.  There may be a couple already in residence, and they will not be willing to share the spotlight!

For a more intimate, low-key wedding ceremony option

  • If you would prefer to have your ceremony on a beach, how does Balfours Bay on Mull sound?  A beautiful bay on the Island of Mull. It was made famous by Robert Louis Stevenson when he used it in his novel ‘Kidnapped’ and the bay was named after his hero, David Balfour. 
  • Celebrate your own Scottish heritage
    In Scotland, History is everywhere; your own family ancestry may have connections to specific locations, so why not consider visiting that area and use your ceremony as a way of reconnecting with your family history.
  • Consider a themed wedding ceremony
    For Golf Addicts, why not consider arranging your day at the iconic Home of Golf: The Old Course Hotel at St Andrews?
    For those who have a love for Aircraft, how about visiting Concorde in East Lothian at the National Museum of Flight care of National Museums Scotland 


No matter what you are looking for, your Celebrant will work with you and your Wedding Planner to make sure the wedding day you have been dreaming of, becomes reality. A destination wedding in Scotland is where your dream romantic ceremony can come true.


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