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We all use social media, but it can often feel like an extra chore we put off until the last minute, right? This is why we wanted to share our social media tips for Celebrants!

The world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other platforms can feel slightly overwhelming. And social media management can be a full-time job in itself! As Celebrants, we have a lot of great things we can share and talk about on social media so there are no excuses! Here are some tips social media tips for Celebrants that you can put in place right away to improve your presence across your socials:

To build up your followers you need to be a good follower.

Find people and businesses that are interesting and relevant for you and start following them. This will help build your followers as it will open up another world of interesting and potentially influential audiences. Even if they don’t follow you back straight away this is all building up your network and your reach to people, which is what you are trying to do!

You need to create engaging content.

If you want people to follow you there needs to be enough there for people to be interested in. Make sure your profile is filled in with as much information as possible and ensure you have a short and snappy bio with a call to action. Also, think about your feed. Would you follow you? Make sure your feed is showing recent and engaging content that’s personal and interesting. People love to see the face behind the name.

Consistency is key.

Make sure your social media accounts look similar – this will help your followers to recognise you when looking through the different platforms. This can be done easily by using the same cover images and ensuring your name is as similar as possible (ideally the same). Doing this will make your profiles easier to find and allow potential followers to recognise you. Remember, you don’t have to post for the sake of posting, quality content is better than quantity. Start out with around two posts per week whilst you build momentum.

Be active and use all the tools!

Being regularly active really is key in building up a good following of people on any platform. A good tip is when resharing someone else’s post – add a comment and tag the original poster. This tells your following why you have shared it and of course, credits the original poster which gets them to see your post as well. All platforms have built-in tools to push your presence even further. A good example is adding to the stories on Instagram, these are more of an instant insight into your day-to-day work and can reach wider audiences beyond your own followers.

Think variety.

Keep people interested by posting/sharing different content. If you use a variety of formats it will keep your followers engaged. Consider a mix of images and videos as these are great for catching the attention of your audience. Could you create a video each week? All platforms favor video content and audiences love to see them! Keep track of what kind of posts make you want to read more and use these ideas for your own posts.  Use the built-in insights tools on each platform to tell you how your posts are performing and how your audience are engaging.

Be smart when sharing.

When posting on any social media it doesn’t matter how great the content is – if it is at the wrong time of day your followers might not see it. This is when scheduling is a great tool to post at optimum times. But when is the best time? This is something you need to do some trial and error with. Think about when you are most likely to be scrolling through social media and this will give you a good start – then start posting at these times and see how much engagement you get. You will build up a picture of when your followers react the most and these will be your optimum times. Insights will tell you the days and times your audience are online the most.

Use hashtags.

Particularly on Twitter and Instagram using the right hashtags will increase followers. By adding hashtags it means you are searchable to people outside of those that follow you. These people see your great post then decide to follow you. Easy! Try to aim for hashtags that don’t get more than around 500,000 posts just so your content doesn’t disappear in the mix. Another tip – double-check any new hashtags before you use them – just in case they have any associations you might not be aware of.

Update your email signature.

Add your social media profiles to the bottom of your email signature. If people see it, it could remind them to check you out. Here’s a tip – only put your social media links on your signature if you are active on that channel!

It’s great to utilise as many of the wonderful tools on your social channels as possible. After all, they are free and help spread the word so why not?! We hope our social media tips for Celebrants blog has given you some inspiration. Let us know how you get on!

Good luck and get social!

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Jennifer Claire is the Founder of The Celebrant Directory and lives and breathes all things ceremony! After officiating big days for 10 years, she now focuses on giving you the tips you need to create your perfect celebration.


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