Top Budget Ideas for a Wedding

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A big factor and often the first hurdle when planning a wedding is the budget. Before couples can start getting into the exciting details of planning, money can dominate what is realistically achievable and often, people have to reconsider their original plans. There are so many key things to be factored into the cost of a wedding and it’s so easy to get lost in amazing ideas and put cost on the back burner. Every couple wants a day to remember and who wants it to be governed by cost?! 

The Celebrant Directory member Gerri Webb, Making Memories by Gerri, shares her thoughts on planning a wedding on a budget!

Celebrant led wedding ceremony

What do you need to consider when crunching the numbers?

Lists are your number one friend in the early planning phase! Some couples will use a spreadsheet, while others will use a personalized budget planner.  Choose the one that suits you best and get realistic. You could start by asking yourself what does an average wedding cost? And have you thought about the little extras you may decide on? Perhaps splashing out on flowers is really important to you and you could save some cash elsewhere. Ideally, you should make a checklist of the must haves for your wedding day and non-essential items.

What wedding ideas do you have?

There really are no limits on the type of ceremony you can have these days. When you have a celebrant-led wedding, time, location and style restrictions are thrown with force right out of the window because guess what? It’s all about you two! You can design the day of your dreams. Next up for your list, brainstorm the ideas you have, are you considering a themed wedding that could be enjoyed in nature? Big weddings are stunning and it’s a time to bring all your loved ones together but maybe you would prefer a micro wedding with less fuss and more time to focus on eachother. 

What’s the average cost?

The average cost for a wedding is approximately £30,000 which is probably beyond the spending capacity for most couples. How do people spend so much? I hear you cry! Actually, pretty easily without a clear plan of action. 

By now, you have probably worked out your wedding budget and hopefully you aren’t in turmoil! Traditionally, some couples tend to turn to their parents, but in many cases this isn’t always possible. So, how exactly do you get the money to pay for all the wedding essentials without restricting your day to day life? There are lots of ways around the traditional route and more and more couples, particularly after the pandemic, are opting out of crippling budgets and going for the alternative, more relaxed options.  

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Let’s talk about the alternatives

The more people that are involved in assisting with the funding of your wedding, the more people will want to have a say in how money gets spent. If this is something that fills you with dread, then you may need an alternative. Whatever you decide check out the tips below that might help:

When should you get married?

You don’t have to get married on a weekend, weekdays are becoming very popular. It’s reported couples can save a massive £5,000 by marrying out of season also. So date and time can make a big difference to the budget.

How many guests should I have at the wedding?

To save money, cut down on your guest list. Do you really need to have that cousin or aunt that you don’t really get on with or hardly ever see? Write your list, then double-check it and be true to yourself! Try to block out others when deciding, it is your day!

Outdoor wedding celebration

How much should you spend on the dress?

Your wedding dress doesn’t have to be a designer! And if you are really pushing the boat out with having a non-traditional day, you can absolutely have a non-traditional wedding dress! Pinterest is a great place to get started for inspiration.

What should I spend on Bridesmaids and Groomsmen?

Watch out for the sales when you are looking to buy for bridesmaids and groomsmen. If you are getting married on the beach, the bridal party could wear matching swimming costumes! Get creative with your wedding budget!

Invitations in the Wedding Budget?

Make your own invitations, place cards, and table names.  There are so many designs around. Just allow yourself enough time to play around until you find the design you are happy with.

If you are eco-conscious, consider sending e-invites. This will cut down on postage costs.

Do you need to hire people?

Do you know anyone who can be your DJ or a friend that can make the most marvelous floral bouquets?  What about a faux bouquet?  You may even know someone who can make the bridesmaids’ dresses. Do you know someone who is brilliant at making cakes? Always look within your circle first!

wedding flowers

Can I have the wedding and reception at the same place?

Absolutely! This will also cut costs. There are lots of options when it comes to your ceremony and if your guests are already all in one place, it makes for a much smoother day if no one has to travel to the party!

What about food options?

Consider alternatives to sit-down meals such as hiring a food truck or even a buffet option. Depending on the vibe of your day, there’s a food option to match. If you opt-out of having a three-course, sit-down meal, this saves money and means less food goes to waste!

celebrant led wedding vows

This is the one day where it is absolutely all about you! You are free to spend your wedding budget however you like! Micro weddings and non-traditional settings are becoming increasingly popular and provide endless options that suit you best. 

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Celebrant: Gerri Webb – Making Memories by Gerri

Photography: Rebecca Claire Photography | Adam Tranter Photography | Ariele Chapman Photography

Venue: Hever Castle | Lodge Farm House Kings Walden


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