Unique Wedding venue ideas to suit you!

Unique wedding venue ideas

Weddings are one of the most special and memorable days of your life, so there is no need to stick to the standard venues – let your imagination run wild! Find yourself a venue that really means something to you as a couple, and a Celebrant can hold your perfect ceremony wherever you dream of!

Here are our top 10 ideas to give you some inspiration:


Farms have some fantastic building which can decorated in your own way, and have plenty of space to have areas for the different parts of your ceremony including the reception. Some farms already cater for events and will have some options for you, or you can go really rustic and ask a working farm if they would be happy for you to have your wedding there!

Unique wedding venues2


Ok, not so unusual, but castles and historic buildings come in all shapes and sizes. Your dream wedding may not involve the traditional fairy tale castle but have a look at some sights and tourist attractions and you will be surprised at what fantastic options there are – and then you can ask them what your options could be!

Glamping and camping

This is a great option that can roll the wedding, reception and accommodation all into one! You can have different size tents to host the ceremony and the dinner, and choose whether to go upmarket glamping style or more casual with camping and campfires. You can get your guests to bring their own tents and they can relax about the long journey home after the wedding!

Unique wedding venues1


Having your wedding ceremony in a cave will either sound totally romantic or totally scary! But if it sounds romantic there are plenty of options for you, and a cave decorated with lights, candles and flowers looks pretty spectacular!


Wedding venue and wine readily available on site is a match made in heaven! Vineyards around the world are known for having beautiful grounds and can be a wonderful place to celebrate your love with family and friends. And sample the products as well of course!


Fancy taking a walk on the wild side? What could be better than getting married alongside some of your favourite creatures?! For some people it might be lovely to tie the knot alongside some beautiful birds, or for the more adventurous maybe alongside some magnificent lions!


The sights and smells of the fairground can evoke some great memories. The fun of the waltzers, smell of candyfloss and thrill of the big wheel. You can have all this excitement in your big day! It is not just fun for the kids, but all the adults will love it too!

Unique wedding venues3


It is lovely to go back to nature. For those who feel at home in what can be an enchanted environment, a forest is a great option. You can find an area that would work for you and decorate it to make it look extra special, then direct your guests to your secret spot.

Art Gallery

For the cultural amongst you there is no reason why your wedding ceremony can’t include another one of your interests. Invite your friends and family to share your special day in a interesting venue that says something about you – and they might gain some culture and education while celebrating with you!


Ahoy there! There are plenty of water lovers out there and holding you celebration out on the open sea could be very romantic. But if you are not confident that all your guests will love the rolling motion as much as you – you can consider your wedding on a boat in a marina or even on a lake (a lot less chance of motion problems!)

Unique wedding venues5

These are only a few ideas – there really is no limit (well except for perhaps budget!) so think of your favourite place and how it could work for you!


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