Wedding Celebrants in Australia: Types and How to Choose One

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Are you planning to get hitched down under but not sure what a wedding celebrant in Australia is or does? Well, fret not lovebirds, celebrants are the real MVPs who conduct your wedding ceremony and make it all official. But did you know that there are different types of celebrants in Australia? 

In this blog post, we will take a closer peek at the different types of wedding officiants so you can understand all the details and pick the one that’s a perfect match for your Aussie “I dos”. 

Types of Celebrants in Australia

Unlike in the UK, a wedding celebrant in Australia can legally marry you,wahoo! 

However, there are several types of wedding celebrant in Australia, each with their own specific requirements and responsibilities. So you need to find the one which fits your vibe and is certain to give you a g’day at your wedding!…see what we did there? 

But before you start the mass Google search it’s best to have a clear idea of the type of wedding ceremony you are looking for.  Maybe you want a religious ceremony in a place of worship. Or perhaps you are after something a bit more jazzy that you can put your own stamp on. 

Once you’ve figured out this nugget of information you can start looking into the different types of wedding celebrants out there and find the one that matches your style and that is certain to give you an Australia wedding that wows! 

Commonwealth-registered Marriage Celebrants

Whether you are going down the religious or non religious route, Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrants might be the wedding superheroes for you. They are authorised by the Australian government and have the power to perform wedding ceremonies anywhere in Australia! So whether you are hunting out Sydney wedding venues, or want to find a venue by the sea, there’s no restriction when it comes to choosing the location of your wedding with these guys! 

They can perform ceremonies for all religions and give you lots of guidance on the legal requirements for getting hitched in Aus too!  

Commonwealth-registered Religious Marriage Celebrants

These celebrants are the fairy godmothers of religious ceremonies who are authorised to officiate marriages in religious settings.  This means, when looking for wedding venues in Australia, you will need to seek out the appropriate religious building. Also, unlike the Commonwealth-registered Marriage Celebrants, they don’t have to perform ceremonies that don’t align with their own religious beliefs. Another great reason to do your celebrant and venue listing research! 

Ministers of Religion Who Are From a Recognised Denomination

Want a religious ceremony but prefer a minister over a celebrant? No problemo! This is the option for you! Ministers of Religion are the holy rollers affiliated with a recognised religious denomination and authorised by that denomination to perform marriages. So whether you’re after a Christian, Jewish, or Muslim ceremony, there’s a minister out there who can help you tie the knot.

State and Territory Officers

If the courthouse or registrar’s office is your venue of choice then you will opt for one of these government lovebirds.  For civil ceremonies only, they keep things close to home and only perform their ceremonies within the state or territory they are appointed. 

Hire a Wedding Celebrant in Australia

Now that you know the different types of celebrants, how do you go about finding the perfect one? 

One of the easiest ways to find a celebrant is to search for a celebrant listing here at The Celebrant Directory. We have lots of friendly Aussie celebrants just waiting for you to find and get in touch with! 

Alternatively, a good heart internet search never goes amiss. But remember, Australia is a big old country so if it’s your place of residence then make sure you search for a “celebrant near me” or near your venue to get the best results! 

You can also ask friends and family for recommendations. Just be willing to do your research to find that special someone who is perfect for you. 

In conclusion, celebrants in Australia are wedding superheroes who can make your special day unforgettable. Whether you’re after a civil or religious ceremony, there’s a celebrant out there who’s just right for you. So go ahead and find your perfect match, and let the happily ever after begin!

Photo Credit: Arielle Chapman

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