5 Wedding Sand Ceremony Kits For Your Special Day

5 Wedding Sand Ceremony Kits For Your Special Day

Adding a modern twist to a traditional day is a great way to make your wedding ceremony more personal. Adding a sand or unity ceremony is a visual and symbolic way to do this. So, if you've already decided on using this as part of your day, you've come to the right place. We've put together our recommendations on wedding sand ceremony kits to make your special day even more meaningful.


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Lilian Rose Hourglass


Lilian Rose Hourglass Wedding Sand Ceremony Kit

This stunning traditional shape with a contemporary edge can be used in your wedding sand ceremony and can be displayed beautifully afterward. It includes three tubes of coloured sand in aqua, white and grey, a plastic funnel for filling and a rubber stop seal for the top too.

Hortense Hewitt

5 Wedding Sand Ceremony Kits For Your Special Day

Hortense Hewitt Wedding Sand Ceremony Kit

For a more contemporary twist, this sleek set contains three small cylinders to place your sand in and a larger cylinder for your ceremony blending. The different sands displayed in this sand ceremony kit have different meanings as with all sand colours. The white signifies purity, spiritual values, and devotion and the blue patience, tranquillity and longevity. This set is particularly good if you are wanting to use more than three sands, for example, if you are blending families as well as celebrating your unity as a couple.

Unity Vases

5 Wedding Sand Ceremony Kits For Your Special Day

Unity Wedding Sand Ceremony Kit

Beautiful and chic these Paris-inspired glass vases are great for a luxury wedding or if the city has some significance to you as a couple. Did you get engaged in Paris or is one of you Parisian? They're beautiful to display in your home after your wedding and will be a wonderful reminder of your special day.

Streamside Sand

5 Wedding Sand Ceremony Kits For Your Special Day

Streamside Shoppe Wedding Sand Ceremony Kit

For something a little more alternative, this black shadow box with printed slogan glass is a wonderful way to unite the two of you in your sand ceremony. It comes with a hinged top and 2 pouring vases too! The sand isn't included in this one which means you can pick your own colours that match the theme of your wedding day.

Kelixi Sand Clock

5 Wedding Sand Ceremony Kits For Your Special Day

Kelixi Sand Clock Wedding Sand Ceremony Kit

For a vintage touch, we love this Kelixi sand timer. A beautiful timepiece that can be both decorative and sentimental for years to come. You could either fill this up with your chosen sands or leave it half full so you can turn it and let the sands come together over and over again. It could also be opened up and used again if you would like to add more sand to it at a different ceremony such as a naming ceremony!

We hope you loved our suggested wedding sand ceremony kits. For more ideas and inspiration for your ceremony, you can find our ideas and inspiration blog here.


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