What is unique about celebrant led weddings?

Unique celebrant led wedding

One Australian born officiant asks those all important questions to discover the unique elements of a celebrant led ceremony.

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All celebrants are passionate about their work and about creating the perfect ceremony. Talking personally here,  I’m hardworking, I care, and I love to tell stories.  Does that make me unique…nope!  I can be creative, inspiring, flexible…does that make me unique?  Not really.

What makes the couple unique?

What makes you unique? Now that’s the question I like to ask.  I feel my skill is in finding out what makes you unique and then tailoring your ceremony around your uniqueness.  Quirky, boho, simple, extravagant… working together we can create a beautiful and meaningful ceremony.

Your ceremony could be for a few close family and friends or for 100’s of people.  If you are celebrating one of life’s milestones or welcoming someone new into your family, we can create a ceremony.

Whether your venue is inside; at home, in a building that has special meaning to you or a venue that suits you.  Outside; in yours or a friend/relative’s garden, in a field, on the beach… wherever your imagination takes you… that’s where we will be.

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Can you describe a unique wedding ceremony?

Our first wedding was on a beach in Byron Bay with two of my oldest friends and a wedding celebrant.  My bouquet was a bunch of tulips from the local Woolworths wrapped in some twine and with foliage picked from the garden.  My dress was a ¾ length, we had to walk through the bush, white cheesecloth from a local boutique… cheap as chips.

Our second wedding, why have one anniversary when you can have two, took place in my mum’s garden with all our family and friends around us.  My son gave me away and my husband’s sons were ring bearers.  We had haybales for seating and fish and chips for supper. 

Why were they unique?

Because both were beautiful and meaningful to me, in my eyes each ceremony was unique.  Bless him, my husband was just pleased I said yes! 

Australia was the place I was born, and I never wished to be married inside, so as we had already booked a trip to Australia my husband casually asked me one night “Which beach would you like to get married on?”

The beach is my spiritual home I just love the smell and sound of the ocean and being barefoot.  Byron Bay is the most Eastern point of Australia and is such a special place, so I knew straight away that Tallows was the beach for us.  The fact that my two oldest friends could be there was just perfect.  So that took care of the legal bit.

The celebration in my mum’s garden was so special. My dad died in 2007 and he would have been tickled pink to have seen me finally, I was 50, get married.  So, to have our wedding in his garden ensured he was there to see the miracle happen.

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Uniqueness is…

The ability to celebrate the uniqueness of each individual is the definition given in the dictionary; how beautiful. Life should be about having enough in common to make conversation easy and enough differences to make it interesting.  Whether you are looking to celebrate the life of someone special, celebrate a wedding, renew your vows, make a commitment, welcome a new family member let’s work together to find your ‘Uniqueness’. 


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