Why choose a Celebrant?

Wedding Celebrant

So, here we are just coming towards the end of the winter months… warmer days ahead and lots of planning to be getting on with for your wedding, whether it’s this year or a bit further ahead. There is much to consider and organise as you approach your big day, but have you given any thought to the most significant words you will ever say to one another?

Many couples get caught up in all the other aspects, such as flowers, the dress!, make up, photos, cars, cake and so on that they don’t give enough time to consider their options when it comes to the ceremony itself. 

Do you really want to be saying words that you’re told to say? Or have the same ceremony that the last couple had just a couple of hours ago in the next town?

Do you want to say to your intended all those romantic thoughts and feelings that make this day so important? You know, those words that say just why you love each other, how much you love each other, what today really means to you both?

Choose Celebrant

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions (and why wouldn’t you?), then you need to find your Celebrant!

There is so much choice and flexibility available to you that you probably don’t even know about, so if you want everyone really interested and listening at your ceremony, and if you want special symbolic items weaving into it, then you need to choose your Celebrant.

Working closely together, you and your Celebrant will create something so beautiful and personal that you will treasure the memories for ever and your guests will be talking about it for ages after the big day. Remember that the ceremony is the reason they’re all there, dressed up, excited for you, and ready to watch your perfect ceremony unfold. Make it special, unique and beautiful with a bespoke ceremony written for you, about you and with you – none of this ‘off the shelf’ notion with a Celebrant! Your guests will be hanging onto your every word, curious to know what you will do and say next and many, many guests comment afterwards that it was ‘the best wedding ceremony I’ve been to, wasn’t it just wonderful? I’ve never seen that Hand-fasting before.’

Choose Celebrant1

Choosing a Celebrant has so many advantages – you will have no restrictions on location, content, timing, and we only officiate at one ceremony a day, so absolutely no clock-watching or rushing you if you are running a tad behind schedule – we all know this can happen and often beyond your control – but hey, relax, we have it covered. You can have your ceremony anywhere you choose – in the open air, on the beach, in a forest clearing, in your back garden; it’s totally up to you to make it yours.

So, as this is likely to be the most significant time in your life, don’t leave it to chance – start looking for the Celebrant who will make it special with you. Find someone who tunes into you, who ‘gets you’ and who you feel you have a connection with.

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