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You are amazing at what you do. Celebranttopia is the ultimate FREE event for you to up-skill your business, have the best 2023 possible and learn from the best.

Get closeto top industry experts

at our 2 day LIVE and RECORDED virtual winter summit aimed to help you tackle your biggest business issues plus a chance to have a lot of fun - celebrant style!

You're going to learn

  • How to stay AUTHENTIC with your BRAND and shine bright

  • Get content savvy with BLOGGING and SEO

  • How to look SHARP with Styling for Success

  • Take the fear out of SELLING and TURBO CHARGE those bookings

  • Why MINDSET matters if you want to become a Jedi at Celebrancy success

  • Working with event photographers to get the PERFECT shot every time

  • BUILD IT - Confidence is KEY when it comes to being a celebrant

  • Debunk SOCIAL MEDIA - use it like a pro in less than 10 minutes a day

  • It's time to GLOW online (as well as off) how to create a standout website on a budget

  • VIP Session: Why your morning routine is KEY to your success

  • VIP Session: How to sell your services without selling

  • VIP Session: Become a scriptwriting master/mistress

  • Are you working hard to convert every enquiry into a booking?
  • Perhaps you are stuck getting those enquiries into your inbox in the first place?
  • Are you ready for celebrant focussed training that will deep dive into the areas you need to know to grow your business and live the life you want?

this is notJUST a conference, this is an interactive business boosting LIVE virtual summit with an amazing community of celebrants. Celebranttopia Winter Edition 2022

  • It's a virtual FREE summit FULL of expert trainers!

  • It's a live and interactive learning event over 2 days

  • Each session is tailored to the celebrancy industry, no noise from outside industries!

  • UPGRADE TO VIP: And NEVER MISS A SESSION with LIVE and RECORDED editions giving you multiple opportunities to join in the sessions from wherever you are in the world and catch up with the recordings with life time access.

  • With a VIP UPGRADE you can take part in exclusive morning, lunchtime and afternoon sessions including breakout rooms and live lounges - there's tons of networking and friendships to be built!

Designed by Celebrants,for Celebrants.

Meetyour expert trainers

Roxy HottenAnd Action - How to get the perfect shot from event photographers every time!


Roxy trained and worked as a celebrant whilst living in London in 2011, before moving to Brisbane, Australia in 2015. 

Roxy has been a mentor for AMC, is the Queensland Local Leader for Australia’s most progressive celebrant network, The Celebrant Society, has mentored numerous celebrants 1-2-1, presented workshops on celebrancy, and has delivered over 600 ceremonies.

Roxy is a well-known part of the wedding community in Australia and is recommended by many photographers, venues, planners and others in the industry.

Do you ever look at other celebrants social media and think “How did they get those amazing photos of them in action?”
What’s a styled shoot, and is it worth getting involved in?
Should you pay for headshots, and if so, who should you get to do them?
Did you know that your relationship with wedding photographers is one of the most important you can cultivate in your celebrant career?
What are some dos and don’ts when working with a photographer?
How and where should you credit photographers?
If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, then you’ll need to attend this session.

Lorna TaylorInstagram Teacher and Content Strategist helping entrepreneurs and business owners get more visible online

Utilise Instagram to build your Celebrant business like a social media BOSS.

I’m Lorna Taylor, an Instagram Teacher and Content Strategist helping entrepreneurs and business owners get more visible online. I work with them to speed up and streamline the content creation process so their Instagram is purposeful and productive.
Having previously worked as a primary school teacher, I moved into content creation through my own Instagram projects and now I use my specialist knowledge and teaching expertise to support you with your online visibility.
You'll find me hanging out on Instagram and with the members in my content creation membership, Glow Up, probably with a coffee and a cake!

Kate BeavisOwner of Magpie Weddings, Indie Practice & Eco Wedding Fairs

VIP only: Get content savvy: Blogging and SEO masterclass

Kate is the company director of the original UK and award-winning Magpie Weddingrunning wedding fairs across the UK and is the editor of a wedding blog and directory.

As Director and Founder of Indie PR, she helps creative indie businesses get noticed. Focusing on 20 years of retail experience she mentors branding, marketing and social networking. She's also a pro at TikTok and loves nothing more than editing and getting her businesses in the press.

Kate will be teaching you exactly how to create content that is a powerful magnet for your future clients. Position yourself as an expert and authority in your industry by creating amazing blogs.

All of the incredible lessons you'll learn will help you grow on the google ladder so this session is vital to getting your business growing organically. You'll love it!

Jennifer ConstantCelebrant Business Growth Coach & Founder of The Celebrant Directory & Academy of Modern Celebrancy


Only available when you upgrade to a V.I.P ticket! 

Jennifer Claire is Celebrant Business Growth Coach, plus the CEO of the Academy of Modern Celebrancy and The Celebrant Directory. Passionate about seeing celebrants grow into confident and successful business owners, her session will be focusing on how to get your pricing right.

An author, award-winning blogger, multi-entrepreneur and a very sought-after wedding celebrant, Jennifer has officiated weddings across the UK and Europe since 2010. With thousands of followers and a Pinterest monthly unique view of over 3.3 million, Jennifer knows exactly how to turn your celebrant business from slow to flow.

Jennifer will be giving you an exclusive lunchtime V.I.P coaching session where she'll be teaching you how to niche, how to stand yourself apart from others and how to nail your business so it gets your future clients engaged from the off!

NOTE: This is only for those with a V.I.P ticket.

Amy PollyMindfulness Teacher

Why Mindset Matters to Business Success

Mindfulness is my thing, I absolutely love it, I’ve been practising for nearly ten years and long story short, it’s been a game changer. I am a teacher, speaker, author, mental health campaigner and organisational mental health and wellbeing strategist, with mindfulness sitting at the core of everything that I do.

There are still so many misconceptions about mindfulness. It isn’t just meditation. It is brain training. It’s a tool that can help in so many areas of life. I am here to bust the myths because not only can it help with managing our own mental health, but it can absolutely be a force for change when it comes to organisational culture and mental health too.

I am not a zen robot, I am a human being, just like you. I wanted to rebel against all this empty-your-mind BS and create my own realistic and down-to-earth mindfulness-based approach to mental health and well-being, so that’s what I did!

Amy will be hosting our lunch event which will demonstrate the tools and tips required to create a powerfully effective mindset that enables you to succeed in business.

Leona BurtonFOUNDER AND CEO of a community of 300k+ entrepreneurs


Founder of Mums/Moms In Business International, a global networking community of mums in business on how she had successfully managed to navigate entrepreneurship and family life as well as living life as a digital nomad.

Leona, a British mum of six, spent the pandemic year travelling around the world with her family – all whilst homeschooling her children and running a six-figure business.

In 2018 Leona gave up her nine-to-five work and lifestyle to become a digital nomad. She sold up all the family’s belongings in six short weeks and left the UK.

Leona will be showing all Celebranttopia attendees just how simple it is to take the fear out of selling and to do it in a way that guarantees you make deep connections with your audience so that 'selling' happens all on it's own.

Hayley Su BunchananDynamic Healer and Life Coach

Preparing your day for success

Hayley will kick off Celebranttopia getting us in shape for learning and opening up our minds to creativity and implementation.

She is a gifted healer, a dynamic life transformer and a seeker of more in this world.....Born to be a facilitator of healing and change.

After years of study, she uses her dynamic techniques to teach more love, more joy, more laughter, more happiness, more magic and yes more money!

Chantal Edouard-BetsyAward winning Serial Entrepreneur & Website Developer

How to glow online: Getting visible through your website

Chantal is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, super mom and website developer with over 20 years of experience working with celebrants, coaches and entrepreneurs who don’t have the time, money or stamina for long and complicated website processes. Chantal loves to take the tech out of technology and make the whole website process super easy to understand!  She’s passionate about keeping her meetings short and empowering her clients to freely maintain their websites without the fear of breaking them!

What does it take to create a website that not only looks pretty & professional but get’s you those leads from people wanting to use your celebrant services?  Where do you even start?  There are many important elements and here are some of the things we’ll cover : Branding & Logos (do’s and don’ts), copy - yes your website needs words, and lots of them!, photos (where to find them and how to make then work on your website), clear calls to action (what are those even?) and some other design tips to help you create a website that converts browsers into leads.

Lauren LovettCelebrant Directory Marketing Manager

How to rock your directory profiles and get bookings

Lauren is a multi-business entrepreneur and marketing expert dedicating her time to you...our Celebrant Directory members!

Lauren is going to go through step by step to getting visible through directories - what to put and what not to put more importantly! She'll be talking images, videos, socials - and how to get your profile standing out from a busy crowd.

This session is not to be missed!

Miranda AshCreative Writer, Celebrant and Celebrant Mentor

VIP Session: Refresh your scripts: Interactive Session

Miranda Ash has been a celebrant for some 10 years and is also a celebrant Mentor with the Academy of Modern Celebrancy.

With a varied career in Learning and Development, Coaching, Social Work and Fundraising, Miranda has been able to bring these skills and more to celebrancy. She loves getting to know her couples and exploring how to personalise the heck out every ceremony!

In this inspirational session Miranda will explore ways to upgrade your ceremony writing by bringing fresh and new ideas to your craft. Explore how to personalise your couple’s quizzes even more, involve guests in your ceremonies and step away from the norm. This session is interactive, so bring your scripts ready to edit and add more flair to!

Nicole HeathAward Winning Stylist

Dress to Impress: Colour and style workshop

Born with a "Passion For Fashion" and a true Fashionista, Nicole's mantra is - In 3 seconds you have made your impression so if you are not wearing the right clothes you won’t make the right one.

She's an award winning stylist, owning her own clothing brand and is bringing you a session you won't forget!

She's going to be diving into how to style out your celebrant attire, ensuring you make an impression whenever you meet your clients or network in the industry.

Always stuck and unsure what suits you? This fun session will uncover how to dress for success and let your personality shine through to make you look more polished and professional.

Katie CostelloSoul Midwife & Funeral Celebrant

VIP Only: Moving Funerals Forward: Preparing Families for Passing

This is a one of a kind session that any funeral celebrant will love! Her understanding of the stages of death and how to support families and the dying is undeniable.

Katie is a Soul Midwife and Funeral Celebrant. A Soul Midwife is a holistic, non-denominational end-of-life companion. A mentor and trainer of end-of-life care workshops, Katie also works at her local hospice and has been immersed in palliative care for the last 10 years. Katie encourages, promotes, and empowers open and honest conversations; she believes in choice, autonomy, and love, before, during and after death

She will be sharing with you the exact way she supports families and how you can show knowledge and a deeper understanding with each family you work with.

Glenda ProcterQueen of Handfasting

VIP SESSION: Learn the art of Handfasting and Festivals

She's back!! Glenda is back after so much demand - a much-loved celebrant and was voted WEDDING INDUSTRY FAVOURITE in the TCIA awards.  She has hundreds of ceremonies under her belt, both legal, regal and festival style.

Glenda has earned her name as the “Queen of Handfasting” a title given not claimed!

There isn't much Glenda doesn't know about symbolic ritual, ceremony and festivals. Dedicating years to understanding the true art of Handfasting, she is now recognised nationwide as the GO TO celebrant for Handfasting, and her techniques and reputation have offered her invitations to festivals such as Glastonbury to perform Handfasting ceremonies year after year.

Her Session will leave you with an understanding of how to use Handtying in ceremony and a true taste of how to branch out and work in festivals. Such an exciting session!

Be part of the celebrant community

This isn't just a summit. It's a lot of fun too! With quizzes, competitions, live lounges, meet ups and networking, you'll enjoy every minute of this!


Your free ticket includes:

  • 10 incredible WATCH LIVE interactive workshops worth well over £1500 with leading industry experts that give you the know how, the insight and the leg up for your business growth.

  • Sessions ranging for different abilities and business stages so where ever you are in your career, there is a power boost for everyone.

  • Chance to meet other celebrants and grow a base of friends doing what you do.

Your VIP ticket includes:

  • ALL of the above included in our FREE ticket.

  • Full lifetime access to all the sessions so you can watch back and implement whenever works for you.

  • 7 x Exclusive extra coaching sessions at morning, lunch and the end of each day. Incredible coaching, mindset workshops, and never before heard talks from industry insiders.

  • Official Celebranttopia CPD badge


Free for all to attend!Or upgrade to VIP for just £49


What our time together will look like

Day 1 - 28th November 2022

  • 9:00 am - Hayley Su Buchanan

    Preparing your day for Success: Health and Happiness Routines

  • 10:00 am - VIP Only: Kate Beavis

    VIP ONLY: Get content savvy: Blogging and SEO masterclass

  • 11:00 am - Nicole Heath

    Looking Sharp: Styling for Success

  • 12:30 pm - Amy Polly

    Why Mindset Matters & How to Use it for Business Success

  • 2:00 pm - Lorna Taylor

    Instagram = Bookings - Making the platform work for you

  • 3:00 pm - VIP only: Katie Costello

    VIP only: Moving Funerals Forward: Preparing Families for Passing

  • 4:00 pm - VIP Networking Event

    Network, meet like-minded individuals, and talk about all things Celebrancy. Boost your career with high-quality conversations. 

Day 2 - 29th November 2022

  • 9:00 am - Roxy Hotten

    And Action - How to get the perfect shot from wedding photographers every time!

  • 10:00 am - Lauren Lovett

    Rock the Directories - How to stand out and feature in directory listings

  • 11:00 am - Chantal Edouard-Betsy

    How to glow online: Getting visible through your website

  • 12:30 pm - VIP Group Coaching Session: Jennifer Constant

    Grow, learn and turbo charge your results together with the incredible Jennifer Constant

  • 2:00 pm - VIP Only Glenda Procter

    Learn the art of Handfasting - introduction course

  • 3:00 pm - Leona Burton

    How to Sell to your couples without Selling

  • 4:00 pm- VIP Only: Miranda Ash

    VIP Only: Refresh your scripts: Interactive Script Writing Workshop

  • 5:30 pm - Closing PARTY


Meet your hostsJennifer Claire and Lauren

Jennifer is the Celebrant Business Growth Coach and the founder of The Celebrant Directory, a search and review site dedicated to Celebrants, promoting and supporting hundreds globally. Jennifer is also the CEO of the Academy of Modern Celebrancy, a leading celebrant training organisation based in the UK. She is also a very sought after UK and destination Wedding Celebrant. Since 2010, Jennifer has officiated hundreds of high end UK and European weddings.

Jennifer is a speaker and workshop leader for Celebrants, along with The Wedding Industry Awards judge for the Celebrant Category and running her own industry awards, The Celebrant Industry Awards.

Jennifer is a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) digital marketing specialist with 11 years commercial experience and is the founder of Jennifer Claire Media, an agency focused on web design and digital marketing for wedding professionals. She also runs two award winning blogs and four successful Facebook pages with over 4k members and followers, one of which is Become a Wildly Successful Celebrant, a group dedicated to providing the tools and resources for Celebrants to grow their businesses.

Jennifer is an avid promoter of Celebrancy, a desired industry speaker and CPD trainer, and works tirelessly to support the growth of the industry.

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Free for all to attend!Or upgrade to VIP for just £49


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual summit?

A virtual summit is an online conference. Packed full of AMAZING business transforming content, CelebrantTopia is designed to give you the skills to uplevel your business. Watch LIVE and join in the chat from the comfort of your own home, or catch up later and ask questions in the forum, this virtual summit gives you the opportunity to view all without missing out.

When is the summit?

The summit is on the 28th and 29th of November 2022. Each session will take place so that celebrants from all over the world can watch as many as possible LIVE and VIP ticket holders can catch up on the recordings. So if you can't make it live, you won't have to miss a thing!

All recordings will be placed into your very own CELEBRANTTOPIA HUB on the TCD website. 

How will I receive the recordings?

When you are signed up, you will be given access to your very own CELEBRANTTOPIA HUB. In this hub you will find the recordings after the event to view as and when they are ready.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the low cost of this summit, no refunds are given.

Where is the training done?

All training will take place in the private CELEBRANTTOPIA Facebook group and the recordings will be placed in your CELEBRANTTOPIA HUB for VIP ticket holders.

What if I can’t make the live sessions?

No worries! Just upgrade to a VIP ticket and all sessions can be accessed afterwards in your very own personal CELEBRANTTTOPIA Hub if you have any questions, all presenters will be available in the group to help.

Is this official CPD?

This is part of your growth as a celebrant. You'll be learning how to uplevel your marketing as well as your offering as a celebrant. So yes, this counts towards your Continued Professional Development and you will receive a certificate and badge to show attendance.


There is nothing like the celebrant community.This is a global virtual summit like no other.

 It’s a topia of ambition. See you there!