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Can I involve others in the wedding ceremo

Can we involve our guests in the ceremony?

Celebrant Led Renewal of Vows

Will we meet our celebrant before the service?

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Destination Wedding

We married abroad but would like a ceremony in my home town, can this be done?

Wedding Outside

Can we have a Wedding Ceremony outside?

Celebrant Led Wedding

Can we meet wedding Celebrants before deciding?

Renewal of vows

Where can we have our Renewal of Vows ceremony?

Celebrant Led Naming Ceremony

Can we involve our other children in the Naming Ceremony?

Baby Naming Ceremony Baby

Can I include Godparents in the Naming Ceremony?

Celebrant Led Naming Ceremony

What is the celebrant role in a Naming Ceremony?


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Gay wedding ceremony

Do we exchange rings and vows again during the ceremony?

Funeral Celebrant Ceremony

How long does a Funeral service last?

Baby Naming Celebration

When and where should naming ceremonies be held?

Baby Naming Ceremonies

Who is a Naming Ceremony for?

Pagan wedding Ceremony

Should I have a Pagan Wedding Ceremony?

Celebrant Led Wedding

What should I look for when choosing a wedding Celebrant?

What happens during a celebrant led wedd

What happens during a Celebrant led wedding?

Difference between Humanist and Celebrant

What is the difference between a Humanist and a Celebrant?

How to choose naming ceremony congr

How do you choose your Naming Ceremony congregation?

Funeral Celebrant

What is a Celebrant led funeral?

Personalise your wedding ceremony

In which way are Celebrant led ceremonies personalised?

How do I become a funeral celebrant

How do I become a funeral celebrant?

Funeral Rites of Passage13

Can I add religious content into a Celebrant-led funeral service?

Celebrant Led Naming Ceremony

What happens during a Naming Ceremony?

Renewal of Vows Celebrant

What will the Renewal of Vows ceremony include?

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Celebrant Led Wedding (1)

Is a Celebrant led wedding ceremony legally binding?

Renewal of Vows Ceremony

Can we involve our children in the Renewal of Vows service?

Ultimate Wedding Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Celebrant Led Weddings

Autumn Funeral

Five unique ideas for an autumn funeral

Celebrant Led Naming Ceremony

What is a Naming Ceremony?

Funeral Celebrant

Where can celebrant funerals take place?

Funeral Rites of Passage3

How can I make the funeral ceremony even more meaningful?

Celebrant Led Wedding (2)-min

Why would I choose a wedding Celebrant over a Registrar?


The Ultimate Guide to Handfasting

Funeral Celebrant

The Ultimate Guide to a Celebrant-Led Funeral

Adoption Ceremony

What is an Adoption Ceremony?

Celebrant Led Wedding (4)

What is a Wedding Celebrant?

Baby Naming Ceremony

Ideas for your Naming Ceremony


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Burial Service

The Ultimate Guide to plan a burial service

Pet Funerals

Should I have a pet funeral?

Ceremony Funeral

Do Celebrants have a set script?


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Renewal of vows

Is a Renewal of Vows ceremony legally binding?

Renewal of vows

What is the Renewal of Vows ceremony?


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Can we personalise a Celebrant-led funeral?

How does a Naming Ceremony differ to a Christening?

How does a Naming Ceremony differ to a Christening?

Funeral Celebrant

How do I find a funeral Celebrant?

Transgender ceremony

Can I have a transgender Naming Ceremony or Renaming Ceremony?