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What is a Celebrant led funeral?

Honoring a loved one’s death doesn’t always have to involve traditional religious rites. When it comes to commemorating a person’s life, some prefer a more personal approach that may not always include a specific kind of faith.In this case, a Celebrant led funeral is ideal because it’s centred in a humanistic perspective th... Read more

Where can Celebrant funerals take place?

Celebrant led Funerals can take place anywhere you like. There is no legal requirement to have a funeral in a designated place. Funeral services are traditionally held in a crematorium or cemetery, however now there are a lot more options. You can choose a natural burial ground, or perhaps a special location that meant some... Read more

Do Celebrants have a set script?

Each funeral ceremony led by a Celebrant is written from scratch to truly reflect the life of your loved one and to pay the full respect they deserve. The Celebrant will use their skills and experience to write the best script possible, one that is truly sensitive to your needs and requests.Your Funeral Celebrant will spend... Read more

Can we personalise the funeral?

Absolutely. With a Celebrant, from the moment you book to after the ceremony itself, your Celebrant can personalise the service and be there to support you throughout the process. Want to have a themed ceremony or create a slideshow of their life? Celebrants offer you the freedom to choose the content of the ceremony so you... Read more

How can I make the service even more meaningful?

There are many ways you can further personalise the Celebrant led funeral ceremony for your loved one. For example, you could put together a slideshow of images to share, or alternatively a book of their life. You might choose to have some readings by a guest or two, the choice is entirely yours as to how you want to person... Read more

Can I add religious content into the service?

With a Celebrant, you are free to include anything you like to honour your loved one including religious, spiritual or faith-based content. The great thing about having a Celebrant lead the ceremony is you can work with them through an open dialogue, to provide any input or direction as to what is important for you and your... Read more

How long does a Funeral service last?

If you’ve never planned a funeral before, making the funeral and burial arrangements - from picking out the casket, the music, and even deciding who will speak at the service - can seem overwhelming, especially at such an already distressing time.However, planning a funeral can be a cathartic way to say goodbye to your love... Read more

How do I find a Funeral Celebrant?

Many Funeral Directors will have a list of preferred Celebrants that they work closely with, however you are free to choose your own. You can search through The Celebrant Directory and read the profiles of Funeral Celebrants so you can get a feel for the services they provide and find a match.You can contact the Celebrants ... Read more

How do I become a Funeral Celebrant?

Becoming a Celebrant is a rewarding career choice. There are many training organisations out there offering qualifications. Get in touch with us using our contact form for a full list of training organisations.  Read more