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What is a Celebrant led funeral?

Celebrants offer non-religious or semi religious alternatives to a traditional full religious service. Celebrants offer you a hand to hold during a difficult time and will write and conduct personalised funeral services as a celebration of life to honour the person’s memory. Read more

Where can Celebrant funerals take place?

With a Celebrant leading the funeral, there are many options. Funerals services are traditionally held at a Crematorium, Cemetery or Natural Burial Ground. There are also more alternative options that may be meaningful for you and your family such as a community hall or special location, you can even have the ceremony in yo... Read more

Do Celebrants have a set script?

Each funeral is written from scratch to truly reflect the life of your loved one. Your Celebrant will spend time with you and your family, get to know you and write a ceremony that will reflect their life. Read more

Can we personalise the funeral?

Absolutely. With a Celebrant, from the moment you book to after the ceremony itself, your Celebrant will personalise the service and be there to support you through.They will meet with you and listen to your stories of the life of your loved one. They will write a service full of memories, personality traits, and focus on h... Read more

How can I make the service even more meaningful?

There are many ways you can further personalise the ceremony. For example, you could put together a slideshow of images to share, or alternatively a book of their life. Other great ways to honour their life is to plant a rose bush or tree, and tailor the music choices to songs that are symbolic and favoured by your family o... Read more

Can I add religious content into the service?

With a Celebrant, you are free to include anything you like to honour your loved one. You can include religious content such as a hymn, quotes or readings into the funeral ceremony should you wish.If you choose a Humanist led funeral, these are written and conducted in the same way, however will not include any religious co... Read more

How long does a Funeral service last?

Typically funeral services last between 20-30 minutes, however this can differ depending on religious beliefs or the content of the ceremony itself. This can be discussed with your Funeral Celebrant and they will work with you to ensure the ceremony is an appropriate length for you.  Read more

How do I find a Funeral Celebrant?

Many Funeral Directors will have a list of preferred Celebrants that they work closely with, however you are free to choose your own. You can search through The Celebrant Directory and read the profiles of Funeral Celebrants so you can get a feel for the services they provide and find a match.You can contact the Celebrants ... Read more

How do I become a Funeral Celebrant?

Becoming a Celebrant is a rewarding career choice. There are many training organisations out there offering qualifications. Get in touch with us using our contact form for a full list of training organisations.  Read more