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Hi, I'm Lara

Hi, Lara here! As an independent Celebrant based in sunny Sussex, I am here to provide you and your loved ones with the very best ceremony event. I’m here to listen, to give you ideas, help you plan, and to support you all the way. I’ll write a beautiful, unique Ceremony Script just for you, that’s personalised, sincere and relevant. Whether its an engagement, a vow renewal, a wedding, a naming ceremony, a relationship healing or divorce ceremony, or if you’re planning your own farewell, organising a funeral service or a memorial ceremony or a loved one, my aim is to make your ceremony the one you want – whatever, wherever, and however you want it, so it’s the special day and ceremony you will treasure and remember forever. x

What's my ceremony style?

My style is….well, ME I guess. I like to be myself – natural and caring, and I like to engage with people in a sincere and honest way. Your ceremony will be the event you want it to be, and the style you’ve chosen, with help from me of course ( if you want it). I will officiate and present your ceremony inline with your choices and your plans. We will have discussed, planned and agreed on the details and I’ll show you the ceremony script before hand, tweak it, and make sure you are totally 100% happy with it – making it a truly personalised, bespoke handwritten ceremony. It will be relevant, personal and in the style that you have chosen, because it’s YOUR ceremony. But of course, as your Celebrant, it will be my warm personality, good humour, care and attention, that will make your event an event greater success!

Lara 2

Why choose Lara?

Why choose me?…..Well, I’m very friendly, professional, supportive, sincere, positive, and inquisitive, and my aim is to provide you lovely people with the ceremony you want. I’m what you call….a ‘people person’ and I make it my mission to get to know you – whether you’re a couple looking to get married or renew your vows, or a family looking to have a child naming ceremony, if you’re celebrating an Identity or gender change, or going through a break-up or divorce, or if you and your family are mourning a bereavement and wanting to remember, honour and celebrate a loved one’s life – then I am here for you! I’m a great listener, I’ve got great ideas, and above all….I like to share the love! What ever type of ceremony you are having, it is essentially to do with love for others and one another – because, as they say…..Love Makes the World go Round! :)

What do I offer?

wedding shoot


A wedding ceremony is all about LOVE, and sharing that love with others. It’s sending a loud and clear message to all family and friends attending, that my couple are in Love and are committed to each other. My ideal couple are just that….in love and committed, happy, excited and ready to start married life with a great celebration. My ideal couple have great ideas and know what they want (though I’m happy to share my ideas too !). They may have been together for a short time or living together for ages, but they’ve decided now is the time to celebrate their commitment and love with a fabulous ceremony. And that’s where I fit in…. I’ll give my couple the wedding of their dreams and a ceremony they truly want. Whether it’s a handfasting ceremony, a garden, beach or a woodland ceremony, a posh venue ceremony, large or small… my aim is to make their day perfect.

As your Celebrant, I’ll provide a positive, friendly, professional service.
Your Wedding Day is a guaranteed booking for the day – I’m there just for you!
At our first meeting over a cuppa or glass of wine, we’ll discuss ideas for your wedding, what type of ceremony you both want and we’ll get to know each other a little.
I’ll send you a fun Questionnaire for you both to fill in, so I get to know more about you, as this really helps me to write your script and make it personal to you.
A unique wedding ceremony Script, written by me. This can be tweaked, amended and added to until you are both 100% happy with it.
A wedding rehearsal if required -( in person or video call)
The Wedding Day Ceremony…. hooray! The big day has arrived and I will present the ceremony.
A little gift from me, is a wedding Script presentation for you to keep forever

Prices From

£300 - £800

Why choose Lara for your wedding?

Well I guess it’s because….I’m bubbly, bright, and bursting with ideas! Why not choose me? After all, I love being a Celebrant! I’m great at what I do, because I love weddings and I love people. I’m sincere, caring, friendly, professional, organised, curious, chatty and yet…a good listener, and I’m very supportive. What more can I say? Though relatively new as a Celebrant, I feel like I’ve been doing this all my life…. it’s so wonderful to share a magical day with my lovely couples and their family and friends to celebrate LOVE! So why choose me?…..well just wait and see! x

Lara 2
Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremonies

Why choose Lara for your naming ceremony?

Lara 2

Renewal of Vows

Why choose Lara for your renewal of vows?

Lara 2


Each Funeral service is different because each person is unique, is a one-off, and is special. Saying farewell is difficult and painful and grief is different for everyone. I work with funeral directors, who can call on me to deliver a funeral service, because they know it’s safe with me and I always do my best. A good relationship with my local funeral directors, makes it easier for all involved. I also get recommendations and direct calls from families seeking a funeral celebrant and from people wanting to plan their own good-bye ceremony. It’s heart warming and a real privilege for me to do this. So whether you choose a traditional service, or an informal, creative ceremony, a humanist or a natural burial funeral, I am here to help and to support. A funeral service is about saying good-bye, but it’s also a time to honour and celebrate a life lived, and a person loved.

My role is to help families and to deliver the service that they want to have – the choice of prayers, readings or poems, the songs, music or hymns, the tributes and memories. When meeting with the family (or the person saying farewell, if they are planning their own funeral), we will talk, listen, laugh, cry and discuss what type of funeral or memorial ceremony is wished for. If appropriate, I’ll ask questions sensitively to gather as much information, without being intrusive, but with care, kindness and sincerity. I’ll write an unique, personal funeral script and eulogy, and ensure the family are happy with this. I’ll officiate on the day at the funeral, at the chosen place – a burial site or crematorium or for a memorial service, at any chosen venue or location. Some families prefer to write and deliver their own eulogy, so I am here to help and guide you with all aspects of the service.

Prices From


Why choose Lara for your funeral?

Why choose me as your Funeral or Memorial Celebrant? Because I care about people. I want to do my best to give families and friends attending a funeral or memorial the opportunity to come together, to share stories and memories, to reflect and also to celebrate. I’m here to help families by providing a service that is planned and presented with great care, empathy and attention, and always with the family and the departed loved one’s wishes in mind. Working closely with the family, friends or You (if you are planning your own funeral, or memorial service), I will create a personal, sincere and meaningful script, that focuses on the person’s personality, talents and life achievements. Visiting families, I will listen and ask questions over a cup of tea, to ensure that the funeral tribute truly reflects your loved one.

Lara 2

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