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Hi, I'm Suzanne

I have been working with people for over 25yrs on healing and teaching levels. Through celebration and life changing times, together we have moved forward into more happiness and joy and weathered life’s roller coaster. My own path led me to the desire to work with couples when they plan their marriage, new borns, renewing vows and end of life celebration.
I officiate at all types of ceremony, whether they are large or small, indoors or out, country, same-sex and glamorous.



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Name change wedding


By now you have probably had to rearrange your special day more than once it has been a very difficult year for people to betroth themselves in the way that they have planned. On a positive note it will give you the opportunity to really think about your special day. Don’t lose sight of the most important part of your day ,the words you will share between yourselves and your guests will resound for many years to come Using me as your Celebrant will give you total freedom to have and say those things in your own way. Between us we will have no restrictions which is important because you will be spending a time planning your day

As your celebrant I spend time with you to get to know you and for you to know me and create a very unique ceremony that fits both of your personalities you can hold your ceremony whenever wherever and whatever time you like.
All we need is imagination you can incorporate enhancements such as the Loving Cup the Unity Candle why not have a look at a Small Handfasting Ceremony, the original marriage.
The world is your oyster many of my couples now choose to pop down to the local register office and do what we call the” legals”, then spend time on creating a beautiful setting. You can be totally unique for example your pet dog, any music you want for walking down the aisle, you may choose a beautiful garden or even a beach to hold your ceremony. Remember time is important sunrise or sunset are both beautiful.

Why choose Suzanne for your wedding?

Why not get in touch for a free first meeting to ask me as many questions and find out how you and your guests will remember this ceremony for a long time to come.

Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremonies

A Naming ceremony is a very special occasion when choosing a name for a baby or child and especially if as a couple you are adopting a child into your family. You may have children in the family and this is a very good opportunity to get them involved in the proceedings and can be much fun. We could make it quite a spiritual event or serious or with a little fun the choice is yours the day is yours. It is also an opportunity for relatives and guess to have a part to play so why not call me and we can discuss some ideas for this special time.

Why choose Suzanne for your naming ceremony?

Renewal of Vows

In my experience there are a variety of reasons to choose to renew your vows to each other you may not have had the type of service you really wanted when you first married or perhaps there was less freedom of choice to say your own words or you may have been through some difficult times with your relationship and would like to honour your commitments together for the future.
Again this beautiful ceremony can take place where ever you wish from Lands End to John O’Groats. You may want to have a special weekend away and have some time together, there is no legal part to the ceremony, which mean that you can be completely flexible. I would be delighted to help you to create some beautiful meaningful Vows that you can pledge to each other.

Contact me now and arrange a free initial consultation and we will look at some vow renewal ideas together.

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How can I make the funeral ceremony even more meaningful? This is a question I hear many times I write a unique service which will make your celebration of life more meaningful. I am not tied to specific requirements religion or structure we can celebrate your loved ones belief and wishes. Whether you want a ceremony without religion or if you want a spiritual or faith-based message and we make sure that this is portrayed because it is important to you. I will make sure that I pinpoint important aspects of your loved ones life which will make this feel precious and encapsulating the memory of your relative or friend.

I offer many different elements that make a celebration of life meaningful and lasting. You could arrange a themed ceremony say from an era gone by or their favourite colour some family is now like a slideshow of their loved ones life why not have some poetry or a reading from a guest possibly a song by a member of the family or planting something in their memory which ever you like can be symbolic for you and I make sure you have utmost support during your difficult time of grieving.

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