What can I say about Diana … Well summed up in one word: excellent! A great professional and a love of person. I am Ecuadorian and my husband is English so we were looking for someone to officiate our ceremony in English and Spanish. Our first date was via Skype, and just knowing her and chatting with her for a couple of minutes, we knew she was the right one. The ceremony was beautiful … The 3 of us created the ceremony step by step; my husband and I giving details of how we met and such, and Diana creating a magical story with the information we sent her. I met my husband in Scotland, so we decided to do a Celtic ritual during the ceremony, which Diana suggested, and made it beautiful! The comments of our guests were that “the ceremony was beautiful,” that “the ceremony was so emotional that they cried,” that “the ceremony clearly reflected the love we felt for each other,” and many more! A sure hit! I recommend Diana 100%, not only for the piece of professional she is, but also for the beautiful person! It was a place to entrust my ceremony to her. Thank you, beautiful!

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