5 STAR ***** I can’t express how amazing this woman is. I found Mrs Katherine on Facebook. ‘Getting Married in Florida’ caught my attention, because I, in fact was getting married in Florida from Georgia. I grew up in Florida and Mark lived in Orlando his whole life, so it just worked. I went to her page and looked thru all her pictures and reviews. I sent her an email, she responded quickly and we probably sent over 100 emails back in forth. She’s was great in communicating with me. I had no clue how any of it was suppose to go. Mrs. Katherine made everything so easy. When we did our FaceTime with her I fell I love with her. She met the family including all of our fur-baby’s. She is so easy to talk as well. We went thru everything that we emailed about. Our FaceTime was fun. At our rehearsal Mrs. Katherine took charge and walked us thru every step many times to make sure we all knew what to do. The big day she showed up and we were running behind. She was patient and so very kind. She took charge and worked great with our photographer. Everything just fell into place. The ceremony she put together was beautiful. The tree planting for our blending family was perfect, our vows, the pinky promise, we even had a nice thing for the mum’s

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