If you are reading this to help your decision on whether to book Lorraine or not then I can assure you – 100% that doing so will be the best decision you make in all your wedding plans. To be quite blunt she not only gave us the most perfect wedding imaginable she also managed to pull it together in 48 Hours after our church closed due to Covid 19! The service she provided was so personal you’d of thought Lorraine knew us our whole lives. People genuinley enjoyed being at our wedding, Lorraine made everyone laugh, she made everyone cry (in a good way ofcourse!) and ultimately made everyone (especially me and my now wife!) smile. The build up to our wedding and the stress we were under due to the covid situation I would never wish on anyone but from the moment I confirmed Lorraine to literally 48 hours later standing infront of her getting wed, I didn’t need to worry about anything. For this I cannot thank her enough, she knows this as I have told her thanks 100 times! Honestly the best wedding gift to yourself will be booking Lorraine! Cheers Lorraine and good luck for the future! Ste

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  1. Avatar Anonymous on September 11, 2020 at 11:17 am

    Oh my word! Thank you so much xx You two and your wedding will stay with me forever – for many reasons. Gosh, we did SO MUCH in that 48 hours – including me falling a little in love with you both xx Thanks for the lovely feedback but mostly thank you for trusting me to design and deliver your wedding and for you both putting in all the work needed \(at a time of HUGE personal stress & global distress\) to make your ceremony unique to you \(how did we even manage to fit in a run through at your venue???\) All the very best and lots of love xx

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