People will of course expect you to get good feedback from all the ‘happy’ occasions such as weddings and naming ceremonies. It may seem a little strange therefore to be positive after a celebration of someone’s life. If anyone is in the unfortunate position of planning one or even a more traditional funeral, I could not recommend Michele highly enough. She recently carried out my dad’s celebration. Although she had never met him she worked with me and my family, allowing me a lot of input into the day. However, although a lot of it was my words, these were delivered with compassion, dignity, respect and even a little humour by Michele. This helped make what could have been a very sad day become a happy event to remember and commemorate my dad. Guests on the day commented on how good Michele was and what a beautiful delivery of the service she achieved. By working together with her I was able to give my dad the send-off he deserved and would have wished for – and this was demonstrated in the comment made by a few people – ‘What a lovely service, because it wasn’t about God, it was all about Harry’I can’t thank you enough for what you did for us on that day and how much you helped me get through it, simply by your smile and knowing exactly when to catch my eye as if to say it’s ok you can do this.

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