I just want to say a huge thanks to you for conducting Ray’s funeral on Monday, and all the preparation you did before hand. You went above and beyond to comfort and guide me at this very distressing time. Your euphoric approach; your fresh and creative ideas all went towards making this occasion a very memorable and unforgettable one, a service that left an enduring legacy of his life.You helped me plan a great tribute to Ray, but more than that you shared so freely concepts that I would never have thought about, such as handing out’ Forget Me Not’ seeds for mourners to take away and plant in Ray’s name. When it was difficult for his sister Wendy to stand up alone and pay tribute to Ray, you suggested two of us getting up together. That really worked and gave her the strength to so proudly speak those loving words about her brother. I couldn’t think clearly and would never have thought of those things. It immediately took the pressure off Wendy, she then felt much happier and stronger. Burning Sage candles and explaining to the congregation their meaning. How open minded you were and willing to create a tailor made service for Ray. You even dressed in the way you thought would have pleased Ray.I could not have hoped for a better send off for him. Your attention to detail was just as he would have wanted it; awesome! How you presented yourself? Smart and elegant, a reflection of his style and wishes. Your perfect and eloquent delivery of Ray’s eulogy left everyone informed, amazed and truly touched by your heartfelt delivery.Later at his wake you warmly greeted everyone, calmly listening and allowing them to share their stories and memories with you. You were the peoples loving advocate.I could go on SJ, you put your heart and soul into Ray’s day, you were sensational. I am forever grateful to you for all these things.

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