“Jackie was amazing with myself and husband paddy, who was very nervous on the day. Right up to the ceremony he was excited and definitely not nervous, when we arrived at central park paddy got emotional, not through nerves just with life circumstances. We came away we eloped left family behind, & as most families this was out of our control, some members of family were deseased. During our ceremony my husband was emotional but Jackie smiled at us both she spoke so clearly, she was so professional and she was so cheerful and happy. To the human eye people would not get our ceremony but our family did. It ment so much to them to be able to watch the ceremony live over Skype. I am do gald that jackie & her husband sascha reinking made this possible for us.. If anyone was to ask me. Would you change it make it better.? Never it was perfect thank you so much Jackie reinking. You got myself & paddy to a T. I will be for ever grateful. Xxx “

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