OK.I need to review this goddess.She was our wonderful celebrant at our handfasting. October 2019.Louisa is one of those magical entities that are utterly indescribable.She’s one of those very few people that has a deep, deep empathy.You really only need to meet her once and she has read you from the inside out.She knows, she feels, she acts accordingly, with an underlying psychic ability.Like, she’s always known you.Everyone at our handfasting thought we’d known her forever!Everyone LOVED her!Louisa is full of inspiring ideas and putting those into action.We learned this when it was needed the most, during the most extremely challenging time of our lives.She travelled from York to the middle of nowhere in Cumbria for us!The money spent on having Louisa come to us was crushed by the weight of her value.I cannot articulate how beautiful, funny, gifted and special this human is in all honesty.But, if I happen to pop my clogs before she does, she knows full well that she’s got to do my funeral.I KNOW she would make it totally fitting.No one could ever be disappointed in the work of this wonder!

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