Review Updated.Becky and I live with our daughter, Olivia, in a small rural village in Gloucestershire, UK.In May 2019, we decided to elope with our daughter and get married abroad, just the three of us.We had visions of travelling to Greece for a small & intimate ceremony with a backdrop of Greek white washed buildings and blue sunny skies.When planning our wedding, the location & venue was important, and we knew the people who we involved was equally, if not more important.As we were completely open minded to the location and venue of our special ceremony, we looked to the internet for trusted reviews on wedding planners/wedding officiants to help guide us.Through hours of online research, and lots of discussions with many wedding planners/wedding officiants, we came across Sarah (Grecian Ceremonies) on Wedding Wire, who lives on the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes. Right from the start we made a connection with Sarah. During our initial face-2-face Skype call, she showed sincere ambition and promise of making our wedding day special to us, and she did not fail to deliver.To build our very special and personalised ceremony, we regularly communicated via WhatsApp and e-mail in the weeks/days leading up to our wedding. The complete approach was effortless and Sarah drafted the perfect ceremony that Becky and I loved instantly.Due to the wedding being a small ceremony (just 3 people), we felt we didn’t need an official wedding planner. We very much wanted to plan the day ourselves, however with Sarah’s fount of local knowledge and advice this was invaluable to us in making key decisions. Whilst planning our wedding day from the UK, is was great having Sarah on the island and her abilities to speak the local language to confirm our Photography (Savvas Photography) and Venue (Atrium Prestige) to ensure the day would run smoothly.We arrived in Rhodes several days before our big day. Sarah wanted to meet us prior to the wedding day to get to know us further. We met in a beach cafe, in Charaki. Sarah even brought a colouring set for Olivia to enjoy whilst we talked.The wedding day was more than we could ever imagine, Sarah delivered a faultless ceremony and it will truly be remembered. The keepsakes and printed vows Sarah gave us are treasured in our home.Even after the wedding day and with a further 10 days still on the island, we kept in contact with Sarah who was very willing to advise us of great locations to explore around the island.Working with Sarah was completely effortless. She was the key in ensuring our wedding day and honeymoon was a complete success. We can’t wait to go back to Rhodes and we will certainly be meeting up with her again when we next visit the island.

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  1. Avatar Anonymous on September 10, 2020 at 3:50 pm

    Garret and Becky, thanks so much for you wonderful words, they have made my day. I look forward to catching up with you back in the UK or on the Island of Rhodes some time soon. Take care Sarah

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