We found Michelle on Google,
although Michelle’s website mentions her amazing awards and achievements, our main reason for wanting to meet her was the little video.
We immediately warmed to, and liked this lovely bubbly, friendly person coming out of the screen, feeling she would be just right for us.

We had absolutely no hesitations about having Michelle be our celebrant, as soon as we met her, we just knew she would do an amazing job, filling us with complete confidence, the ceremony was certainly something we didn’t need to worry about.

There was never a doubt in either of our minds about having Michelle be with us for our special day, it wasn’t even something we needed to discuss, we both knew. Michelle shared our complete excitement for the day! She spent so much time finding out about us, both as a couple and separately, to enable her to give us such a personal experience.

There is so much to love about Michelle, she was bubbling over with enthusiasm just as much as us!!
And fun and friendly, sensitive, hard working.
We loved how fun and relaxed Michelle was, and how she put us completely at ease, this was going to be great!

We would highly recommend Michelle, to anyone looking for a celebrant, for any occasion, in fact we can’t recommend highly enough!!
A deeply warm, friendly, wonderful person, who works so very hard, in making everything just right for you. Our wedding was done during covid, with very limiting factors and numbers, but even this was dealt with brilliantly and diligently, ensuring everyones safety came first.

You were such a huge,
MASSIVE! part of our day.

From the moment we met you we knew you would be perfect for us, and you really were, you did such an amazing job for us, everyone said they had never been to such a lovely ceremony, and that was down to you, we really couldn’t have asked for more..
also, I may have ended up in my t shirt and jeans if you hadn’t been there to dress me …we will always have such lovely fond memories of you on our day, we knew you would be fab, but you surpassed even how good we thought the ceremony would be!… people are still messaging me about you … We actually can’t thank you enough, and will be forever grateful to have found you xx

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