We had our wedding on the 7th of June 2019, it was an amazing day and Jennie was certainly key architect of our big day. Until I met Jennie, I thought celebrants play a very limited role in weddings and their presence is mostly a formal necessity. How wrong I was! Jennie was so great in every way that we would never enjoy our wedding so much without her contribution. She was extremely helpful months before the big day to educate us on what to expect and provided so many useful tips to make everything work perfectly. She always impressed us with her outstanding professionalism, attention to detail and limitless compassion & patience. On our wedding day, she was with us from 7am in the morning to travel to the venue so that we could rehearse the ceremony. I have so many lovely pictures because Jennie thought me how to walk down the aisle properly! :-)I would strongly recommend Jennie to every couple who would like to enjoy their wedding with 100% confidence that they are at safe hands!Thank you Jennie. We can’t thank you enough.Eser & Jordi

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