I married my wife on the 16th April but the circumstances were slightly different to the majority of couples. My wife had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and given a matter of days to live. It sounds dramatic but that was the reality of our situation so we had to organise getting married extremely quickly. Time was not on our side. We met with Julie and Natalie a few days before we got married and wow, where do I start?They were so unbelievably understanding of our situation and were absolutely AMAZING. They were fully aware that we didn’t have much time so they came to our house late one evening and listened to our story. They listened so carefully to every single detail. They were patient and knew exactly what to ask us. I loved it because they asked us about the small details that we might have forgotten. It was these small details that I believe made our ceremony. Julie worked on our ceremony script and sent it over the next day. It was word perfect, there wasn’t a single thing that needed changing, which I believe shows how much they listened to us.Julie was our celebrant on our wedding day. She was professional, kind and simply brilliant. I don’t think there are enough words to describe how highly I think of them both as celebrants. I believe that actions speak much louder than words and when my wife passed away the first people I called were Julie and Natalie to ask them to carry out her funeral service because there was no one else good enough in my eyes to carry out that task. I will always be grateful for both of them.

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