How to get legally married by a Celebrant in Australia

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Getting legally married by a Celebrant in Australia is easy!

Every celebrant says they absolutely love their job, but it’s true! It’s the most amazing feeling and privilege to facilitate the creation, development and realisation of someone’s dream wedding.   

One Celebrant tells us how easy it is to get legally married  in Australia – the best of all worlds!

South Fremantle

Dream Australian destination weddings – sun, sand, romance and magic

What is your idea of a dream wedding? Is it a beautiful beach, with white sand stretching across the horizon, beautiful clean, blue ocean (don’t mind the sharks…) and lots of warm sunshine? Imagine if you could have all of this, plus, your photographer, your videographer, a hair and makeup artist, flowers and wedding cake (anything you want really), as well as a celebrant who is legally authorised to perform your dream wedding ceremony anywhere (and I really mean anywhere), and complete all the legalities following the wedding so all you need to do is register it with your local council or shire when you get home. It can all be organised for you and no, it’s not a myth, it’s your fairy-tale waiting to come true. 

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Registered marriage celebrants are licensed by the Australian Attorney General 

Australia is one of the few countries where the registered marriage celebrants are licensed by the Attorney General to perform legal weddings anywhere on Australian territory; that can be land, sky or sea. We complete all the legal paperwork prior to the wedding ceremony and ensure that your marriage is registered with the Australian authorities following the ceremony. It’s a big responsibility and requires continuous training but results in well qualified celebrants.  I also like to help my couples with any other formalities that may be required in their home countries.

Eugenia Marcel Swifthound Films and Phototography

Where to get married in Australia

Now Australia is a very big country but I have to say I am a little bit partial to the western side. It’s easy to get to from Europe, plus in and around the capital city Perth there are many beautiful beaches and if you want to drive an hour or two north or south of the capital you have even more choice. A secluded beach, just for you, wicked. Oh and did I mention that the sun shines way more in Western Australia?

Beaches are not really your thing? I had a couple come all the way from Germany to Perth to get married under a tree! Yes, we have great trees too J

Beccy Mike Kangaroo

Tick list to tying the knot in Australia

If you’re considering tying the knot in Australia here’s what you need to do to get started

  1. Find your celebrant …and The Celebrant Directory is a great place to start!
  2. They will help you complete the Notice of Intended Marriage which must be lodged with your registered celebrant at least a month before your intended wedding date and no longer than 18 months beforehand. This can all be done while you are overseas
  3. Your celebrant will ask to view some ID (you must be min. 18 years old) such as a valid passport, driver’s licence and birth certificate. If you have been previously married you will need to supply evidence that you are free to marry
  4. The rest of the paperwork will be completed just before and on the day of your wedding so it’s not a problem for you to arrive just before your wedding day and then head off on your honeymoon.

Remember that in Australia same-sex marriages are legal so #youdon’tneedtoaskhere .
Feel free to ask any questions of your Celebrant and most of all, get ready for lots of fun, romance and making many beautiful memories on your totally legal, Australian wedding day!Wedding116

Additional supplier credits:

Photographers: The Love Story and Swift Hound Weddings

Flowers: Budding Moments and A Bunch of Joy

Hair and Makeup: Kirsty Loader and Beauty by Bronwen

Decorations and catering: Picnics by Design with Dels Cake Designs 

VW Beatle Limo: Kool Kombis Perth  


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