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Personalise your wedding ceremony in every way and have it as unique as you are. Celebrate always with you in the centre.

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Ceremony music – make a song and dance about it!
I’m a massive music fan. Particularly where romance and storytelling are concerned. Wedding ceremony music is so important to settle guests, for an emotional anticipation when walking down the aisle,...
Why Celebrants are increasing in popularity
One experienced ceremony officiant looks at the rise of the Celebrant and how they offer an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional ceremonies of our past. Why have Celebrants become...
How to do a jumping the broom ceremony
What is a jumping the broom or besom ceremony? Congratulations! You have already decided that choosing a celebrant to deliver your wedding ceremony gives you a whole range of options...
Achieving a truly personalised wedding ceremony
Unique, bespoke, unusual weddings are terms we hear a lot – but when you think about it, do you want different for the sake of it, or is what we’re...
Personalising your wedding ceremony
All too often when we plan our ‘big day’ it’s very easy to get sidetracked with the smaller details; the catering, the style and theme, personalised favours and evening entertainment.......
How do Celebrants write Wedding ceremonies?
Couples always tell me they want their guests to feel joyful, captivated, to feel the love, experience the passion in their relationship, and generally have a heartfelt experience from their...
How to use rituals at your wedding
Using Ritual at your Wedding Hundreds of thousands of years of human experience give you a wonderful treasure trove of resources to express your love. One of the best things...
How to have the wedding you want
You’ve just got engaged and now you are very excited to be planning your dream wedding. The choices are overwhelming, in all directions. Everyone you know wants a say in...

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