Wedding Music Ideas For Walking Down The Aisle

Your wedding music sets the tone of the day from the moment your guests lay their eyes on you. It guides them, and their emotions, creating the ambience and feel of your special day. From processional to recessional it should suit the two of you as a couple and can even tell a little bit of your story too!

Today, Janni Knox, a bespoke celebrant from Northern Ireland shares her favourite wedding music ideas for walking down the aisle.

At Last ~ Etta James

Janni says; "There’s something about this song that simply gives me chills, I love the pace and the drama of this for an amazing entrance."

Into My Arms ~ Nick Cave

Janni says; "Being a humanist celebrant, a lot of couples feel that a non-religious ceremony is more authentic for them. I give an inner cheer whenever they choose this song to enter by, it gives a nod to their lack of religion but also the openness and acceptance that others will have different beliefs and that’s okay."

Lovely Day ~ Nora & Will

Janni says; "I think this sets the tone for the rest of the wedding day and how special it will be. Nearly everyone knows Bill Withers's song and I think this version has something magical to it and makes a fabulous song to begin the ceremony."

Can’t Help Falling in Love ~ Elvis Presley

Janni says; "What can I say? This song has stood the test of time and is definitely a winner for walking down the aisle. I think the sentiment is so lovely, “take my hand, take my whole life too” what could be more perfect for a couple getting married? Love it."

Somebody to Love ~ Queen

Janni says; "Perhaps not the most obvious of songs, but as a lifelong Queen fan, I’m always thrilled when my couple choose to begin their wedding ceremony with a bit of rock. The beat and the rhythm of this seems just perfect for walking down the aisle, and it often raises a giggle too. Choosing this song I think makes guests realise that this wedding is going to be something a little out of the ordinary."

Janni is a full-time celebrant working to create bespoke wedding ceremonies for couples who are looking for a meaningful and personalised ceremony. Her ideal clients are those couples who are looking for a celebration that is a little bit out of the ordinary and celebrates them as wonderfully unique individuals, hence her choice of wide and varied processional music! She believes individual choices are the perfect recipe for creating a non-religious ceremony full of love and laughter.

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