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What is a eulogy and how do I write a good one?
A eulogy is a speech, or piece of writing, in praise of a particular person, or thing. These can be living eulogies – i.e. given in praise of someone at...
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Top tips for planning your 2018 wedding
Getting married this year? Then here’s some useful advice on how to make your big day go with a bang… Remember, no matter what all those wedding and lifestyle magazines...
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Does humour have a place in a modern funeral?
The simple answer here is that a funeral should reflect the family’s wishes, and people are increasingly looking for a service that fully represents the loved one they have lost....
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Top 10 Naming Ceremony Reading Ideas
With a dizzying array of Naming Ceremony reading suggestions on the internet, this task can become overwhelming. Before you trawl through websites, think about what you are trying to achieve?...
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New Alternative Ways of Saying Goodbye
In the same way that wedding couples are increasingly looking to find more personal ways of tying the knot, families in the UK are also beginning to seek out alternative...
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Proposing on Valentine’s Day? Read this!
Love it or loathe it, there’s no escaping the fact that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whilst the exact origins of this day of celebration are hard to...
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