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Why have a Destination Wedding?

Posted by Nikki Kulin on Wednesday 4th July 2018
Why have a Destination Wedding?

Planning your wedding is no mean feat.  It takes patience, stamina and for some quite a budget!  Every bride and groom who choses to have their ceremony on their home turf are sad that the day seems to be over in the blink of an eye and just wish they could do it all over again. 

This seems to be one of the best possible reasons to choose a destination wedding. Combine the excitement of your special day with a fabulous trip for you and your loved ones!

Why consider a destination wedding?

By having your ceremony abroad, somewhere you love, you take your guests with you and you all get to share special times and amazing memories which will last forever. 

Imagine having BBQ’s before, beach days together and a ‘day after’ lunch. These incredible times are priceless and something that is so special about combining a holiday with your big day!

Destination Wedding2

But what about family and friends?

Do you worry that not all your guests will make it?  The reality is that you would be surprised by how many guests say yes!  Indeed, everyone gets to enjoy a wonderful holiday and you get to spend time with all your nearest and dearest. Perhaps it is also the answer to having too many guests on your list.

One of the most wonderful things about the couples in Southern Spain is their lack of stress. When you are away in a beautiful location, ‘on holiday’, with a drink in your hand and having had a cooling swim just before getting ready, what could be more wonderful? 

Your guests are also relaxed too as they have left the stress of work at home so they get to spend quality time together and with your wedding party.

Destination Wedding

Be inspired!

You can also be incredibly creative with what you want from your ceremony.  The location – the beach at sunset, a private villa, up a mountain – the possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination. 

A Celebrant can help deliver an awesome and unique ceremony that literally ticks all your boxes.  You can include symbolic rituals like a handfasting or a sand ceremony. You can even opt for a local tradition such as ‘Las Arras’ in Spain, whereby the bride and groom pass 13 coins between them which is said to represent the twelve months of the year and the coins are then split and given to each half of the couple to represent their pledge to the marriage.

Destination wedding1

Perhaps one important consideration - the cost!  You will discover that your budget stretches so much further abroad.  Local suppliers can provide you with a wonderful array of products and services.  Check it out! and you will, I am sure, be pleasantly surprised!

In fact, from the question: ‘Why have a destination wedding?’, you may find yourself asking yourself, ‘Why Not?’.

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