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What is a Naming Ceremony?

A Naming Ceremony offers the chance to celebrate your new addition to the family. It is a wonderful chance for your family to celebrate the birth of your child or children, to officially name them and to share the dreams and aspirations for your child’s future.It can also be a chance to welcome new step-children or an adopt... Read more

What happens during a Naming Ceremony?

A Naming Ceremony is a celebration of family and life. Your Celebrant will write a ceremony for you that is personalised and meaningful. It will include officially naming your child and declarations of promises and commitments from parents and other significant members of the family. Parents will also state their wishes for... Read more

How does a Naming Ceremony differ to a Christening?

Naming Ceremonies are usually not held in a church and have the option to include or not include religious content. They are also not officiated by a priest or member of the clergy.Naming Ceremonies are personalised and reflect the family and their wishes. They can also be held in any location so you have the freedom to dec... Read more

Can I include Godparents?

Absolutely! You can appoint Godparents/ Guideparents/ Supporting adults (sometimes Oddparents!) to your little one and they will be asked to make commitments during the ceremony.You have no restrictions at all and unlike a christening, these people do not have any pre-requisites to fulfil, such as saying they’re religiously... Read more

Will I meet our Celebrant before the ceremony?

Many Celebrants will offer home consultations so you get to meet them before the ceremony. They will discuss the options to personalise the ceremony and will get to know you so they can tailor and write a service to suit you as a family. Read more

We want a Christening, yet don't go to church. Is a Naming Ceremony a good alternative?

If you want to celebrate the birth of your little one, or a child joining your family, however, you aren't religious, then a Naming Ceremony is for you. With a Celebrant you may wish to include bible readings or hymns, or other special symbolic additions such as lighting candles. With a Humanist ceremony, these are created ... Read more

Can we involve our other children in the ceremony?

Absolutely. This is a celebration of your family, and your new addition joining that. Their siblings can choose to write and say a reading or poem, or perhaps make their own commitments. You may like to light candles as a family or plant flowers together as part of the ceremony. There are many wonderful ways to involve your... Read more

What happens if my little one is asleep during the ceremony?

This is not a problem at all. Naming ceremonies are a time of celebration so most Celebrants will either wait for your little one to wake up, or the service can be done with your baby asleep.  Read more

How long are Naming Ceremonies?

Depending on how many symbolic additions or readings you include, Naming Ceremonies usually last around 20-30 minutes.Many families choose to have some food and drinks after the ceremony itself. Read more

Where can we hold a Naming Ceremony?

Anywhere you choose. Typically Naming ceremonies are held in village halls, gardens or event venues. The options are limitless and entirely up to you where you’d like to have the ceremony. Read more