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What is a Naming Ceremony?

A Naming Ceremony offers the chance to celebrate your new addition to the family. It is a wonderful chance for your family to celebrate the birth of your child or children, to officially name them and to share the dreams and aspirations for your child’s future.It can also be a chance to welcome new step-children or an adopt... Read more

What happens during a Naming Ceremony?

A Naming Ceremony is a celebration of family and life. Your Celebrant will write a ceremony for you that is personalised and meaningful. It will include officially naming your child and declarations of promises and commitments from parents and other significant members of the family.In the ceremony you can also include othe... Read more

How does a Naming Ceremony differ to a Christening?

Naming Ceremonies are usually not held in a church and have the option to include or not include religious content. They are also not officiated by a priest or member of the clergy. A Christening is about the beginning of a journey of ‘faith’ and usually requires the family to belong to their local Church. It will involve r... Read more

Can I include Godparents?

Absolutely! You can appoint Godparents/ Guideparents/ Supporting adults (sometimes Oddparents!) to your little one and they will be asked to make commitments during the ceremony.You have no restrictions at all and unlike a Christening, these people do not have any prerequisites to fulfil, such as confirming they have been c... Read more

What is the Celebrant role in a Naming Ceremony?

Will I meet our Celebrant before the Ceremony?Many Celebrants will offer home consultations so you get to meet them before the ceremony. You could choose to only have contact with your Celebrant online such as through Skype, WhatsApp or other video call software, but if its possible, we would recommend meeting the Celebrant... Read more

The Star of the Ceremony

This is a special celebration for your treasured new addition. The celebration could be held when your child is very young, or later in life to signify their naming and welcoming them as part of your family. If your child is a baby you will be organising it all, but if your child is a bit older why not get them involved in ... Read more

Can we involve our other children in the ceremony?

Absolutely. This is a celebration of your family, and your new addition joining that. Their siblings can choose to write and say a reading or poem, or perhaps make their own commitments. They may want to make a promise to help look after the child which can make them feel very involved.You have total freedom to be creative ... Read more

When and Where should Naming Ceremonies be held?

When should Naming Ceremonies be held?There are no rules on when the ceremony needs to held. It can take place very soon after the birth of your child, or it can later in their life when you feel like they can also understand what is going on and be a part of it. There may be another significant reason for holding the cerem... Read more

Naming Ceremony Congregation

The size of the Naming Ceremony celebration depends on how many people you would like to be involved. It can be just the immediate family celebrating the new addition to the family, or it could be a much bigger celebration with wider family and friends. The size of the congregation will need to be kept in mind when choosing... Read more

Ideas for your Naming Ceremony

Your celebrant will spend time with you planning your perfect ceremony. Here is some inspiration for things you may want to include:A book can be available at the celebration which guests are asked to sign or write a message for the child and the family. Guests could be asked to bring something small for the child, such as ... Read more