4 Fashion Tips for the Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride

As the mother of the bride, you’re naturally excited about your daughter’s big day and keen to look your best. After all, after the bride and groom, all eyes are going to be on the mother of the bride and what she’s wearing.

If you’re unsure on which style to adapt for your daughter’s special day, here are several fashion tips for all discerning and fashion-conscious mothers of the bride.

1. Be Open Minded

A lot of ladies may have a pre-conceived idea of what they may want, but just like the Bride with her wedding dress, it’s a good idea to try on lots of styles and colours as many mother of the bride dresses and outfits do not have great ‘hanger appeal’ but look amazing with a body in it!

When it comes to choosing a mother of the bride outfit, it is nice to let the bride guide you and it’s also to complement the wedding party but it’s also important to stand out as a Mother of the Bride in an individual colour and look.

Depending on the theme of the wedding, a mum can choose to be as formal or not so formal as she wishes…it’s a personal choice.

2. Hat or No Hat?

Mother of the groom hat

It’s traditional that the mother of the brides wears a hat, and for many mothers, the more flamboyant the hat, the better. As weddings become significantly more avant-garde and non-traditional though, many of the long-established wedding customs are being altered, including the mother of the bride’s choice of headwear.

The right hat can, of course, enhance an outfit, ensuring the mother of the bride stands out. Adorning your wedding outfit with a stylish hat can make you look more elegant, spectacular and befitting of your role of mother of the bride.

That said, there are plenty more options to dress up a wedding outfit through striking headwear other than traditional hats.

Fascinators can be a great choice of headwear to accompany a stunning mother of the bride outfit, as is the ‘traditional’ wedding hat. But the ‘Hatinator’ is now, by far, the most popular choice of headwear for the Mother of the Bride at the wedding. It’s is striking yet with a modern twist.

3. Focus on Your Hairstyle

Mother of the bride hairstyles

Whether you’re wearing a hat or not, your choice of hairstyle should play an important role in your overall look for your daughter’s wedding.

A half-up/half-down hairstyle can be an elegant wedding hairdo option, which looks great under a glamorous hat or without any headdress.

Longer locks can be brought to life with some curling tongs for that tousled wedding look, which is especially pertinent for a chic, boho, summer weddings, and look great protruding from a mother of the bride hat or left more understated without any hat.

A shorter hairstyle can benefit from accessories. Easily removed without disturbing your hairstyle…perfect for taking you into the evening without the need of a hairdresser to be on hand.

4. Make sure your Mother of the Bride Shoes are the Perfect Fit

Matching mother of the bride shoes & handbag

Lastly to complement your outfit you will need to perfect shoes and bag. Yet again comfort is key as you will be on your feet for a long time. It is nice to add an accent colour to your outfit so generic tones such as silver, gold, navy & nude will always work whilst retaining the ‘classic’ look, however if your outfit as strong tones you can always opt for shoes and bags that can be dyed, therefore looking as if you have tied your accessories in perfectly and letting your overall look flow beautiful. 

The good news is, when it comes to mother of the bride fashion, there is no right or wrong way of doing it. Just be yourself, make sure you are comfortable and be prepared to adapt your outfit to the style or theme of your daughter’s wedding. Most of all, remember to enjoy basking in the limelight every mother of the bride deserves.


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