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Bespoke, warm, friendly, ceremonies for any life celebration


Association of Independent Celebrants; Civil Ceremonies



Hi, I'm Janey

And huge congratulations!
I say that because, if you’re on this site, I’m guessing you’re celebrating something amazing?
Whatever it is – a wedding celebration, naming ceremony or renewal of vows – I would be delighted, honoured and privileged to help.
Between us, let’s create the most memorable, special life event possible. I say ‘between us’, because only you know you. I can’t do it without you. Let’s take your thoughts and feelings about the ones you love and turn them into super personal vows and promises.
Tell me your funny anecdotes, well-loved quirks and favourite memories, so I can craft them into a beautiful story of you. We’ll sprinkle in meaningful readings; weave in songs that make hearts sing or toes tap; invite your nearest and dearest to play a part. Anything we can think of to make your day one you’ll remember forever. I can’t wait to get started.

What's my ceremony style?

I am a warm, friendly, happy person, who generally lives life with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. So my ceremonies tend to be warm, friendly, happy affairs too. Whatever the event, I’m in my element. Big. Small. Bombastic. Intimate. I love them all. Because for me it’s all about the people. People make me tick. All their quirks, foibles and idiosyncrasies make my world go round. I love meeting the rich tapestry of human life and weaving something completely unique, and entirely bespoke every time.

Prices From

£550 for Wedding Celebrations; £350 for Naming Ceremonies & Renewal of vows

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Why choose Janey?

My promise to you. I will do everything I can to make your special day absolutely perfect. I will listen. I will care. And I’ll make it fun.

What do I offer?

Name change wedding


You’ve only gone and done it.

You’ve hit the jackpot, felt that thunderbolt, found your ‘one’.

Of course you want to shout it from the roof tops and tell the world how completely head over heels and happy you are. Or maybe not the entire world. Maybe just a small perfectly formed band of friends and loved ones.

Whomever you invite, wherever you hold it, your wedding celebration ceremony is the day you get to celebrate making a life time commitment to the one you love.

I want to help you make it perfect.

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Why choose Janey for your wedding?

I’m a warm, funny, friendly Northerner who loves life, people and crafting perfect stories for couples who want a traditional ceremony with a twist.

Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremonies

Just when you thought you couldn’t love anyone more than the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with….boom!…a love so intense, so all encompassing and so entirely overwhelming comes out of nowhere and knocks you for six.

It might feel like there aren’t enough words to express how you feel, but there are. We’ll find them and shape them into a naming ceremony as unique as the baby that’s just rocked your world.

Naming ceremonies are a way to welcome your child into your family. You can take time to explain just how much you care for them and your hopes and wishes for their future.

They’re also a chance to invite friends and family to play a part and begin a bond that could last a life time.

Whether you want the formality of a baptism without the font, or the fun of a barbecue with a bit more substance, again, it’s up to you.

Your children, your hopes and dreams for them, your way.

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Why choose Janey for your naming ceremony?

My goddaughters cheer when they see me; my niece and nephew love it when I come to stay. I’m the grown up on their wavelength. The forty-seven year old, going on nine. I have an inventive, creative brain that keeps kids engaged and happy.

If ever you need to keep an audience entertained, it’s during a naming ceremony! Your guests are likely to be friends and family – with children of their own. As the average age shrinks, so does attention spans. I keep ceremonies short but sweet, and find the perfect mix of formality and fun so everyone’s happy.


Renewal of Vows

‘To have and to hold, from this day forward….for as long as we both shall live….’

Whatever form these words took on your wedding day, however long ago it was, you made a promise back then to spend your lives together and be there for one another, no matter what.

The years have rolled forward. You’ve kept your promise. You’ve made it through hopefully mainly good times and are still going strong.

If that’s not a reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is.

Perhaps you have made it to a special anniversary that you wish to mark in some way; or been through a difficult time and want to reaffirm your love for one another now you’re out the other side. Or maybe you just want an excuse to get friends and family together for another fantastic party.

A renewal of vows celebration is a chance to look back on all the years you’ve spent together so far, take stock, give thanks and make plans for the ones that are to follow.

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Why choose Janey for your renewal of vows?

“I couldn’t think of anyone better than the lovely Janey Briers to officiate at a ceremony. Wonderful lady. Wonderful voice.” Tony Hardcastle

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Unfortunately Janey Briers Celebrates is not available for Funerals.

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