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Bespoke Ceremonies, Symbolic Ceremonies, Handfasting, Traditional Ceremonies, Unique Ceremonies, Themed Ceremonies, Blessings and Dedications.


I'm a Member of The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, The Celebrant's Collective, and The Celebrant Directory.. I am also a Qualified Pet Bereavement Counsellor, Qualified Soul Midwife (companion to the dying), and Qualified Energy Codes Life Coach.


English, Elementary French

Hi, I'm Ellen

I adore creating ceremonies for all of life’s milestones and my celebrant talents are a deep ‘labour of love’. My passion for celebrating reaches across the thresholds of welcoming new souls into the world with sweet and thoughtful Naming and/or Adoption Ceremonies, celebrating commitment in relationships with beautiful and deeply meaningful Wedding and Commitment Ceremonies, honouring long-time partnerships with sentimental and heart-warming Vow Renewals, and celebrating a life well-lived with very personalised and touching funerals services and memorials, including ‘Living Funerals’ and ‘Remembering Our Pets’. There is nothing quite like the heartfelt devotion and inspiration that comes with honouring significant life experiences, and I thrive on creating those beautiful memories!

What's my ceremony style?

Working with me is like having a close and thoughtful friend at your side, someone who truly understands what’s in your heart! I want all of your wishes to be honoured and celebrated beautifully! My clients tell me that I am easy to work with – eager to hear ‘what’s in your heart’. Clients feel confident in my organisation and attention to detail – they trust me and count on me. They love that I really ‘listen’ to their wishes and create exactly what they wanted. Clients are inspired by my natural creativity and enthusiasm – ensuring their day exceeds their expectations. They are grateful for the vast resources I’ve developed and provide to them as further guidance. And they love hearing such fabulous compliments from their ceremony guests! With the ‘amazing’ resources I provide, you’ll have everything you need for us to create a ceremony ‘beyond your wildest expectations’!

Prices From

Weddings £750, Vow Renewal £695, Naming £375, Funeral £245, Other Ceremonies (quote on enquiry)


£50 Discount for Ceremonies booked through The Celebrant Directory

As my special way of saying ‘thank you’ for entrusting me with your very special and beautiful ceremony, I offer a £50 discount on ceremonies that are booked through The Celebrant Directory. This is reflected in the prices shown.

£50 off standard ceremony fee (shown in price displayed)

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Why choose Ellen?

You’ll love that my ceremonies and services are beautifully distinctive; each one personal with thought provoking and creatively expressed sentiment, deeply moving words specially written, and appropriate humour to bring character alive. Centred on ‘your’ wishes, my ceremonies are inspiring, beautiful, and deeply memorable! I am always by your side, on your side and excited to create the ceremony you feel in your heart by encouraging you in all the right ways, inspiring you with the loveliest of ideas, unconditionally listening and guiding your heart, graciously accepting your wishes, and very simply – ‘being’ that voice that mentors you through the process.

What do I offer?



Whether you want to create a traditional ceremony, or ‘break from tradition’ by creating a deeply personalised occasion, I am completely guided by you! I love to eloquently weave your ‘love story’ into the heart of the ceremony with your approval. Honouring traditions, customs and rituals is very important for some couples, and I listen to your heart’s desire to do this. With genuine passion and sincerity, I engage your guests so they feel part of such an important moment in your lives. My creativity is endless and my resources are vast, making certain that your day begins with a ceremony you will always cherish!

You’ll receive exceptional service when you book me as your Celebrant! It’s important we meet at some point before I begin to write your ceremony. Upon booking, I send you a comprehensive questionnaire. Your responses guide me in creating a ceremony that is a complete reflection of you both. I write a ‘working draft’ that we edit until you are completely happy with the final content. Throughout this process, I am your sounding board, your coach and mentor, and your ‘creative ideas’ person! I encourage a rehearsal at the venue mostly so we all feel a comfort level with the ‘space’ we’ll be in, and an awareness of the flow of the Order of Events for the ceremony. And to commemorate the ceremony, I personally create a beautiful certificate for you, which can be signed during the ceremony, or presented to you afterwards.

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Why choose Ellen for your wedding?

You’ll love that your wedding will be beautifully distinctive; personal with thought provoking and creatively expressed sentiment, deeply moving words specially written to reflect both of you, and with appropriate humour to bring the spirit of the ceremony alive. I honour your ‘wishes’ and I’m always on your side, excited to create the ceremony you feel in your heart. You will be delighted and inspired by my portfolio of ideas, the manner I use to unconditionally listening to you, graciously accepting your wishes, and very simply – ‘being’ that voice that mentors you through the process.

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Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremonies

Family life is abundant life; there is rarely a dull moment as children arrive and take their place within the family. Child/Baby Blessings, Child Namings, and Adoption Welcomes are growing in popularity as parents become more aware of the importance of honouring a new addition. A ceremony for a child is a lovely opportunity to officially welcome them to the family and extended community. This ceremony is designed to portray your family’s personality and values. It can be secular, semi-religious, spiritual, humanistic … and it can include a blend of customs or spiritual beliefs, honour special adults chosen to support and guide the child(ren) in life, and honour grandparents. The ceremony can include stories, symbols, rituals and meaningful ‘life gifts’ for the child(ren), and can take place at any time in a child’s life (as a newborn, older baby, toddler, young child or young adult).

I like to meet with the family and the child before I write so that we all have a comfort level with each other. Through the use of a comprehensive questionnaire, I gather perspective, insight and awareness about the child; from pregnancy to their developing personality after birth. The ‘working draft’ I write will be edited until it is perfect. It’s important to acknowledge adults who are chosen to guide the child(ren), so I do this in a very respectful way, while also providing them with a personalised certificate to acknowledge the significance of their role in the child(ren)’s life. Through my vast resources of ideas, I can guide parents in choosing, if they wish, a perfect symbolic ritual to deepen the meaning of the ceremony. I provide a commemorative copy of the ceremony to the parents, and a personalised certificate for the child(ren) on the day.

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Why choose Ellen for your naming ceremony?

Families are always so happy that I take the time to get to know them and their child(red). This is such a significant day and as much as possible, it’s important for a child to have even a brief comfort level with me before the day. I always establish a rapport with any adults who are chosen to be mentors and guides because I honour them during the ceremony for the key contribution they will make to the child(ren)’s life. Naming Ceremonies often include other children attending, and it’s important to be comfortable with that energy and acknowledge it as part of the ‘celebration of life’!


Renewal of Vows

Couples often wish to mark and celebrate their years together by renewing their vows in a beautifully unique and personalised ceremony that can be shared with special family and friends, or just between the couple. Vow Renewals are often planned on milestone anniversaries, though they can be arranged at any time, for any reason. A Vow Renewal is prepared and well-shaped to reflect the commitment of the couple and the spirit of their union, and everyone who is present is touched by it in wonderful and meaningful ways.

I like to meet with a couple, if possible, before I write the ceremony; this gives me a wonderful sense for how to tell their story during the Vow Renewal ceremony. I use a comprehensive questionnaire to gather significant details that the couple wish to include, and it guides me in assuring I create a ceremony that very much represents both. I create a personalised certificate to mark the occasion and present that to the couple afterwards. Additionally, I prepare a commemorative copy of the ceremony, wrapped beautifully, and present that on the day – this way the couple have a memento of such a remarkable occasion!

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Why choose Ellen for your renewal of vows?

Couples tell me that I’m very attentive and insightful and they love how perfectly I write and officiate the celebration. They appreciate that I’m easy to work with, professional, and that my knowledge and organisation enables them to completely enjoy a celebration that marks their adventure together. It’s essential that a Vow Renewal captures a couple’s story to date from the time since their marriage; their love has broadened, and the journey they’ve travelled has been full and sometimes challenging. If there are children in the family, they can be included with a specially designed symbolic gesture.

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It is said that the one fear that people embrace that is greater than dying – is the fear that they will not be remembered. Our highest honour as humans is to remember our dead. Once they are gone, their greatest gift to us is the memory of their presence in our life. It may be attached to a treasured possession, captured on film or in voice, or connected to something they created. The best use of our life is to leave something beautiful behind and where their memory lives best is in us: in the story of their lives. I would be honoured to assist you in creating a funeral tribute or eulogy that celebrates the life of the person who has physically departed, but who very deeply still exists emotionally in the hearts of those who knew them.

Whether your family is secular, religious, spiritual or interfaith, or if you want to express the life of your loved one in a manner of your own choosing, I can help tell their life story in a meaningful way. I listen with great care, and honour and respect the life of your loved one. During unhurried meetings with you and your family, I’ll carefully craft the service, and create a ceremony with your choice of music, quotations, readings, symbols and rituals. I’ll guide everyone who wishes to offer their personal sentiments and tributes. I’m sensitively aware that you will have a great deal on your mind and in your heart and I want to assure that you won’t need to think about or worry about the manner in which the service will be delivered, or the special nature of the content.

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Why choose Ellen for your funeral?

Families tell me that I am very easy to work with, gracious and sensitive, encouraging and inspiring, thorough and organised, and centred on ‘your’ wishes. Attendees are frequently amazed that I didn’t actually know the deceased – that is how personal and detailed my approach will be in writing a funeral service for your loved one. The most common feedback I hear is how beautifully focussed the service was on their life, and how their living years have left an archive of wonderful memories for the family to take forward into the future.


Reviews for Ellen Bower Ceremonies

Total Reviews: 96

Average Rating: 5

reviews (96)


What An Amazing Job You Did With Our Wedding Ceremony!

5 Stars
Nealey Allum

Wedding | 11/25/2022 | Skylark Golf & Country Club

Dear Ellen,

Not sure how to put into words what an amazing job you did with our wedding ceremony!
What you put together for us went above all our expectations, and having everything come together in that moment was a dream come true.
You are fantastic at what you do!
We can’t thank you enough, you made our wedding day.

Nealey & Jon Allum


Ellen is Absolutely Remarkable!

5 Stars
Mollly & Billy Ackland

Wedding | 04/30/2022 | Hook, Hampshire

Ellen is absolutely remarkable! She made our wedding day so memorable and our ceremony was so special. It felt incredibly natural and warm and she made us feel really comfortable. She made a huge amount of effort to get to know us both in the run up to the wedding and our guests were in awe at how personal our ceremony was. We would 100% recommend Ellen to anyone looking for a truly personal and magical ceremony. Thank you Ellen!


You Put So Much Thought Into the Ceremony!

5 Stars
Jodie Edwards

Wedding | 09/24/2022 | Southwick, Hampshire

Dear Ellen,
Just wanted to say thanks again, so much, for making our day so special. And thank you for all of the time and thought you put into the ceremony!
Sending you lots of love,
Jodie & Kyle x

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