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Juliet Golding Celebrant

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Hi, I'm Juliet

I write and conduct ceremonies and celebrations for couples, children, and final farewells.
How you make other people feel about themselves says a lot about you. I’d like the couples that I marry at their wedding ceremony, the families and friends of those having a naming ceremony and the loved ones of people whose life is celebrated at their funeral, to feel fulfilled.
The ceremonies I create with you and for you, will be as unique as you. We’ll share love, life and loss.

What's my ceremony style?

‘Anyone can make you smile, many people can make you cry, but it takes someone special to make you smile with tears in your eyes.’
That’s who I strive to be as your celebrant.

Prices From

£250 for funerals £650 for other rites of passge


Face ache from smiling

I read the wedding vows for a couple, the groom was very shy and his bride thought she wouldn’t read hers personally either. So they held hands and looked into each others eyes as I read their words. Watching the tears trickle down their cheeks moved me deeply.


Why choose Juliet?

I, quite simply, want to bring joy, comfort, laughter and ‘sparkle’. Twee as it may sound, I think it’s what I am here for. If people’s faces ache from smiling at the end of the day, then it’s been a day well spent.

What do I offer?



Any couple who are in love and want to make a commitment to each other are the couple for me. I love LOVE. It’s tangible and oozes from every pore of people in love. It usually manifests itself in great big, Cheshire Cat grins. I love ‘looks’ couples give each other, like they are the only ones there, even in a crowded room. Any and every ceremony that celebrates love is my favourite. I often finish the day with a sore jaw from smiling.

Based in the Eden Valley in Cumbria, I create unique and personalised ceremonies for couples getting married. I strive to help nearly weds feel fulfilled and authentically represented in their ceremonies, never failing to deliver a bespoke experience. I aim to bring laughter, joy, and comfort, adding a dash of sparkle along away. With Juliet Golding Celebrant, you’ll feel inspired and encouraged and see your beaming smiles in every wedding photo.

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Why choose Juliet for your wedding?

I’ll let my couples speak here -‘ Juliet was the best celebrant that we could have asked for! She made everything so relaxed and easy throughout the planning process and the day was so PERFECT.”
“Very organised, knowledgeable and helpful. The ceremony was truly wonderful.” “Juliet made our day so special and we felt comfortable throughout. The words she wrote were just beautiful.”


Naming Ceremonies

No matter how old, a Naming Ceremony is a wonderful event that can focus on publicly naming a child, uniting adoptive families, renaming a LBGTQ+ adult or reinventing self after a divorce. Whatever your motivation, a naming ceremony will be a life affirming ‘rite of passage’ that will carry you through with the love and support of those around you.

Let us consider what a name is. It is the grouping of several letters of an alphabet, which represent the identification of a person or an object. The power of a name and its value has long been immortalized in prose, poetry and ceremony. Everyone recognizes themselves by name. Much thought will have gone into the name and the reasons for choosing it will be the impetus for the ‘theme’ and elements in the ceremony. Often in a Naming Ceremony, supporting adults and friends, ‘Guardians’, or ‘Guide parents’ are appointed. These supporting adults, any family who are friends or friends who are family, can make a series of promises to the ‘namee’ and symbolic acts such as the lighting of candles, a rose petal shower, a circle of love, writing affirmations to festoon a Tree of Hope, anointing with perfumed oils…dream away!

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Why choose Juliet for your naming ceremony?

This is my speciality! I have been involved with babies and children my whole working life. I ran a children’s nursery for many years before becoming a primary school teacher. I have a wealth of stories, songs, rhymes, games and activities in my ‘back pack of experience’, endless patience and most importantly, lots of love and laughter to share.

I’ll send you a booking form and ask for a deposit to secure the date. You’ll have me, your celebrant, exclusively for your chosen date. There won’t be any time pressures.


Renewal of Vows

Anyone who continues to invest in their marriage by celebrating it with a vow renewal are the people for me. It shows that they value their partnership and want to shout it from the rooftops, even if just to themselves in an intimate ceremony or to the world, more specifically their family and friends.

There are no rules for the content or location of this ceremony. It’s a super opportunity to tell the story of your life together since you first married. The family that you have created for yourselves can get involved or not. You may wish for something secret, solemn, spiritual and just for you two or a humdinger of a celebration with those you love most dearly.

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Why choose Juliet for your renewal of vows?

I’ll let my couples speak for me – “Thank you for making our vow renewal such a special and beautiful day. We had a fabulous time.”



The initial contact with me is usually arranged through the funeral director although you can get in touch with me independently. From there we can meet, in person or virtually, and I will be instructed through the chief mourner how you would like the funeral to take shape. I take funeral services in my local crematoria, graveside and in our local woodland burial site. I feel that village halls and other shared community buildings are under utilised for funerals. I’d like to encourage families to explore using these alternative venues.

I will get to know about your loved one and will create the ‘script’ for the ceremony. I will ensure that the ceremony is personal, meaningful and well structured, with a script that accurately reflects the life, values and beliefs of the person who has died. I encourage your involvement and you’ll approve every single step of the script writing process, so that on the day your family can feel comfortable knowing exactly what is going to be said, and know that there will be a friendly and reassuring face conducting the service for you.

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Why choose Juliet for your funeral?

Prior to and on the day of the funeral, I will be there for you every step of the way. I make myself available by phone or email at all times. On the day I will be there to officiate the ceremony from welcoming the coffin and mourners, leading the ceremony, supporting anyone who is speaking, addressing the committal and ensuring all elements are dignified and fulfilling.


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