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Your Loving Life Celebrant

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I travel Internationally


I adore holding ceremony outdoors where possible. Elopements are exciting and intimitate. The icing on the cake is a venue with a view of the sea, a mountain, the valley or beautiful gardens. I love nature, I love romance, and I really love cake.


Academy of Modern Celebrancy


English & Spanish Conversation Only

Hi, I'm Amanda

Your Loving Life Celebrant.

How lucky am I that I get the honor of creating extraordinary ceremonies for you and your loved ones? Because there is nothing ordinary about you and your story.

I trained professionally with the Academy of Modern Celebrancy which gifts me the opportunity to travel around Spain (& beyond) as a nomadic independent celebrant officiating beautiful bespoke heart-led ceremonies.

What are the qualities that you are looking for in choosing the best officiant for your special occasion?

If joy, passion, and smiley are on your list, then I would love to be Your Loving Life Celebrant!

What's my ceremony style?

Radically and respectfully disrupting run-of-the-mill and boring! Let’s think outside the box, or how about we lose the box completely and start with a blank page to create a magical memory for you and your guests.

I am an advocate for unveiling your individual uniqueness and I am ready to listen deeply to design a mesmerising experience with you.

My promise to you is to put my heart and soul into serving your ideas and dreams for your big day.

Celebrating unity, diversity, and freedom.

Embracing love and the cycle of life ~ in all of its senses.

I will hold space and I have got your back with all the shenanigans of the ceremony ♥

Prices From

375€ plus Tax


One of my favourite celebrant moments...

It was at my very first wedding after the father of the bride had proudly walked his daughter down the aisle.

He was passing her hand over to the groom in the ceremony space when the eyes of the two men met… it was a moment, an intimate moment, where time appeared to stand still in a comfortable silence.

One of those felt experiences that moves you, beyond time, space, and matter. I was filled with awe and reverence.

“Look after her”, whispered the father, there was no hint of a threat in his whisper, more the vibe of “She is very special to me.”

The two men smiled at each other, “I promise.” replied the groom and then they embraced, and there, I felt it, that lump in my throat…the presence of love, the protective love of those we hold close in our hearts…it was gorgeous and I will never forget it.

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Why choose Amanda?

My promise and commitment is to put my heart & soul into your ceremony…

❝ Success arises
from innocence or
from a sort of knowing.
It arises from innocence
when an individual
is so devoted to her craft
that she gives herself to it,
day and night.
Not because she wants
to make herself a success.
But because the craft
is quite literally a part of her.
She simply cannot imagine
doing anything else with her life.
She feels that she was born to do it.
She feels that this is
what she was made for.
And because of this intimacy
with her craft
and the innocence with
which she approaches it,
her skill level soars.
And success comes
running to her. ❞

~Adapted by Amanda,
from ‘Atmamun’* by Kapil Gupta MD,
*The Sanskrit translation of Atmamun is “Mind of the Spirit.”

What do I offer?

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Witnessing love in action is awesome. My favourite ceremony is creating something special that is perfect for you, that has meaning for you, and that reflects both of you, both as individuals and as a couple ~ a small gang, the best little team.

We can keep any of the traditional aspects of a ceremony that you love and I can help and guide you to choose the right words, music, and rituals along with any poems, prayers, and promises that truly express your authentic selves.

The Full Love Story Shebang ~ my favourite, a bespoke ceremony including the beautiful basics along with the couple’s journey & unique unity ritual (25-30 mins or longer by design)

The Short, Sweet & Simple Ceremony ~ the beautiful basics with vows, I do’s, ring exchange (15-20 mins)

Prices From

The Full Shebang Love Story 750€ & The Short, Sweet & Simple Ceremony 600€

Why choose Amanda for your wedding?

I promise to deeply listen to you both.

I promise to be the best celebrant that I can be.

I promise to share with you, everything that I have to offer from the world of weddings, celebrancy, and life.

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Naming Ceremonies

Babies and little people are shining examples of unconditional love. Pure potential in action. They are truly hypnotising and mesmerising.

Naming ceremonies are offered to welcome newborns and toddlers and also to families celebrating the adoption of a child or young person of any age, and it is a perfect celebration for the welcoming of step-children into a relationship or the blending of two families with children coming together to live in unity.

So what is a Baby Naming Ceremony or a Baby Blessing?
It is a beautiful ‘welcome to the world’ experience, where we, (you and me), design a bespoke ceremony with your beliefs and wishes at the core to formally welcome, bless and bestow the name to your little one.

Each and every ceremony is unique, with elements such as The Parents’ Promises, The Guide Parents’ Commitments, The Grandparents’ Pledges, A Symbolic Ritual, Stories, Poems, and Music,… we will start with a clean slate and create something wonderful that truly represents your gorgeous family.

Have you pondered about any of the symbolic rituals that could be fitting for your Naming Ceremony? We can create one that is unique to represent you or your family. Sand, pebble, and water ceremonies are very popular, but there are so many to explore and I look forward to a connection and discovery call to hear and share more.

Prices From

375€ plus Tax

Why choose Amanda for your naming ceremony?

A Naming celebration is a joyful occasion, bringing your loved ones into a sacred, beautiful space that we will create to honour the gift of life, with love and gratitude as the baseline.

Renaming ceremonies are also designed for adults who choose to take on a new name, this acknowledges a journey of discovery and symbolises a new beginning, including a celebration after a divorce.

Trans naming ceremonies can offer a person a life moment, for reflection of their life so far and who they have become. Celebrating freedom and peace of mind…

I can offer my smiley and happy disposition to sprinkle joy and magic as we create and perform a colourful ceremony to remember forever. We live in a world of infinite possibility, let’s smash it out of the ballpark!

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Renewal of Vows

Are you celebrating a special anniversary and ready to renew your vows to recommit to your loved one?

Or maybe you did not have the opportunity before to have the wedding of your dreams in a style that truly reflected you two.

Perhaps celebrant-led weddings were not ‘a thing’ when you tied the knot, well now they are and that opens up all possibilities and potential.

Whatever your reasons are for being ready to Renew, I wanna hear all about your love story and journey.

Couples that have been married for many years have so much to celebrate!

Prices From

The Full Love Story Shebang 750€ plus tax & The Short, Sweet & Simple Ceremony 600€ plus tax

Why choose Amanda for your renewal of vows?

I really want to deeply listen to you both.

Because I love the stories of hope and resilience, I love the tales of love and gratitude.

I am ready to hear all about your highs and lows, your wins and losses, and the against-all-odds moments.

These are the gifts that have made you, the couple you are today.

Have you seen the best and the worse in each other? That’s pretty cool.

This time around you get to choose Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere…with a celebrant.

I will guide you to write your promises, commitments and vows.

I will support you and I’ve got your back x

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And Celebrations of Life.

Sorry for your loss.

I work closely with you, the family, and friends, to create a beautiful bespoke farewell ceremony to honour and celebrate the life of your loved one.

Prices From

375€ plus tax

Why choose Amanda for your funeral?

This can be a sensitive and vulnerable time for many, and I am at your service to bring clarity and compassion to this special occasion.

Together we will design the ceremony with respect and grace, selecting poems, prayers, stories, or music, that are fitting to your loved one’s send-off.

I invite you to embrace this experience of life & loss in whichever way you choose to say goodbye.

With love & understanding x

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Reviews for Your Loving Life Celebrant

Total Reviews: 9

Average Rating: 5

reviews (9)


Owens Wedding

5 Stars

Wedding | 10/06/2023 | Altea Spain

We cannot recommend Amanda enough as a wedding celebrant she truly is the perfect person for the job, the work she puts in to getting to know you both your families and “your story” is unbelievable she goes above and beyond to create a ceremony that symbolises you both and what you believe in.. her passion and love shines through in the script she creates with you, all our guests were blown away by her & the ceremony & it really sis set the tone for the whole day! We love you Amanda and will be calling on you again for the renewal :) x x x


A wonderful surprise

5 Stars
Stephanie O'Brien

Renewal Of Vows | 06/19/2022 | Viva Beach Club, Javea

This was my first time at a Renewal of Vows and also a celebrant-led ceremony and I did not really know what to expect. I imagined it would be similar to services that I have been to before at registry offices or church weddings, and they can often be a bit boring like we are all just sitting there, waiting for the drinks and celebrations after.
This ceremony was wonderful, I felt involved in the whole celebration, we all did, it was interesting and different, and it wasn’t like I was waiting for it to end!
It was really quite emotional, people laughed and cried with joy for the couple and it was just a really pleasant and enjoyable experience.
I loved the story of Jane and Darryl’s journey through the last 25 years, and the colourful sand unity ritual, I had never seen anything like that before at a service.
Great job Amanda, you made it very special for us all, love Steph & Dave xx


Feeling emotional just thinking about it.

5 Stars
Lee Brogden

Wedding | 06/18/2022 | Olta Vista, Spain

Amanda, what you did for us on our wedding day, and before, and after, was just so, so special. From the moment that we met at your place, we felt so connected to you, and you found out so much about us and our love story. We really appreciated that you came the day before and met both of our families. Everybody thought you were amazing! Sarah and I loved our Cocktail Unity Ritual, it was perfect for us. Amanda, you made us feel so comfortable, and we will highly recommend you to anyone in the future. Thank you for your kindness, we love you lots xxx Lee & Sarah

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