8 Incredible Eco Wedding Ideas for An Unforgettable Ceremony

Eco Wedding

Eco wedding ideas are trending these days, and with good reason. As humanity moves towards a more earth-friendly way of celebrating special moments, there are many ideas to consider when it comes to events such as your wedding day.

Couples are starting to understand how important it is to go green, not only because of the environmental impact that their ceremony may have, but also because most of their guests will be looking to them as an example of how they should conduct their lives.

So, rather than simply implementing small changes to your traditional wedding ceremony, consider making your wedding ceremony entirely eco-friendly. Here are 8 incredible eco wedding ideas that will take your ceremony from ordinary to extraordinary in no time at all.

1. Get Married in The Heart of Nature

If you’re looking for a stress-free, outdoorsy, and environmentally conscious eco wedding ideas, it’s hard to go wrong with getting married in the heart of nature. The best part is that there are many options to choose from. You could camp out under the stars at night and wake up to the sound of birds singing. Perhaps having your vows read by a naturalist, or having your officiant lead you on a hike before the ceremony begins might by your thing. Why not say ‘I do’ in front of a waterfall or in an old, enchanted forest. You could even exchange vows on top of an ancient mountain site.

2. Decorate with Recycled Materials

Recycling is something we should all be doing, but it can be a challenge to figure out what to do with some of the bulkier items. After all, finding a place to store them can be difficult. The best way to solve this problem is simply by recycling: reuse an old item or material for a new and meaningful purpose.

You might have some old window frames sitting around, or an old door you’re not using anymore; why not turn them into beautiful centrepieces at your event? The possibilities are endless when you start thinking about creative ways to use recycled materials. Get creative with your eco wedding ideas to transform your ceremony décor into something beautiful.

3. Use Local and Seasonal Flowers

Local and seasonal flowers are cheaper and they also provide your big day with a more personal touch. They can be ordered from local farms in your area or ordered online. Ordering them ahead of time will ensure that you get the freshest flowers for your event. If ordering them ahead of time, be sure to allow for enough time for delivery so that the flowers do not arrive late. Once you receive the flowers, store them in a cool place until the day before the ceremony.

Try to take advantage of what is blooming in your regional area by choosing plants with pretty petals like roses, dahlias and sunflowers.

4. Choose Green Transportation Plans

Planning your wedding ceremony transportation plan will help you to avoid the hassles of traffic. Consider getting to the event with public transport such as a bus, coach or train. Bicycles are often the best way to get around and they’re an environmentally friendly choice for everyone. If you plan on having many guests attending, consider bus, coach, or train to transport them from the ceremony site to the reception venue.

5. Serve Organic, Locally Sourced Food and Drink

When it comes to exploring eco wedding ideas, sustainability is the number one priority. It’s not just about using eco-friendly material like organic flowers and biodegradable tableware. It’s also about the food you serve your guests during the reception. There are a few things you can do to ensure that your guests are satisfied with their meal without destroying the environment in the process. Choose to serve organic, locally sourced food and drink so that you are supporting small businesses as well as your community.

6. Give Back to The Environment with Your Wedding Gifts

In our consumer culture, weddings are a time of celebration and generosity. Unfortunately, the lavishness of these events can have a damaging effect on the environment. Therefore, it’s important to consider your eco wedding ideas and know that you can always give back to Mother Earth.

Instead of picking up traditional gifts, ask guests to donate – in your honour – to an environmental organization that they care about. Your wedding guests can also have the option to choose a charity that’s meaningful to them. Eco wedding ideas such as ‘giving back’ certainly hold the power of love, compassion and positivity, which is what your big day should be all about.

7. Use Digital Invitations and Save-the-Dates

The first thing you should do when planning a wedding is to get your digital invitations and save-the-dates made. These solutions are excellent for avoiding paper waste, but that’s not all; you can order them online in just a few clicks. Then, you can customize everything from fonts and colour schemes to photos of the bride and groom. There are many online businesses that offer digital invitation services, where you can apply a creative and meaningful concept.

Eco Wedding

8. Hire an Eco-Friendly Wedding Planner

When looking for a wedding planner to prepare for your big day, be sure to find someone who can help you with all aspects of your eco wedding ideas. Someone who is passionate about earth-friendly and conscious practice will certainly help you to bring your eco wedding ideas to life.

Eco Wedding Ideas with The Celebrant Directory

We hope you are flowing with inspiration from our top 8 eco wedding ideas, that will make your ceremony truly special and one to remember. If you’re looking for more wedding advice and insights, be sure to check out other blog posts published in our weddings category.

At The Celebrant Directory, we are passionate about helping you to prepare for your special day, so why not read our eco-friendly wedding planning article, to gather more creative inspiration.

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