What is a Micro Wedding and is it right for you?

Micro wedding

So, what are micro weddings and why are they so popular?

Micro weddings are weddings on a smaller scale – yes pretty much exactly what they say on the tin! They give the couple a chance to take the pressure off from a huge, 200 guest set wedding and scale back to what’s most important to them.

Planning a wedding can be slightly overwhelming so micro weddings can offer a beautifully intimate alternative and offer greater flexibility. Once the pressure is off from trying to organise a big wedding, it can be liberating! You have the freedom to make decisions and spend time on the finer details that really reflect you and your partner.

Here are just a few reasons why micro weddings are becoming more popular…

Don’t fancy speaking in front of large crowds?

Micro weddings can offer a much more intimate celebration of just a few of your nearest and dearest and will eliminate most of your nerves when it comes to saying your vows in front of your guests. If you’re not the best public speaker or the thought of standing up in front of 100+ people terrifies you to the core, the solution is you don’t have to!

Micro weddings5

Spending time with your guests

Smaller weddings and receptions can also allow you to spend quality time with your guests. How many weddings have you been to where you see the bride or groom endlessly doing the rounds of greeting everyone? Doesn’t sound like something you want to do? Sit back and relax, take the pressure off and keep it small. By limiting the amount of people who come, you can really spend time with who is important in your lives and make the most of celebrating and catching up with those special guests.

Saves some £££

By only having a handful of guests you can save money on the food per head and not have to spend so much on a large venue to fit everyone in! Not to mention the wedding favours and decorations and the list goes on…smaller weddings can be all round much more forgiving on the wallet.

Maybe your budget isn’t an issue, but you want to spend it on the things that mean most to you. Perhaps you want to splash out on a gorgeous honeymoon and spoil just the two of you? Or be able to afford that designer dress you’ve been dreaming of or hire the band you thought you’d never be able to get? Whatever it might be, you now have more money in the pot to make it extra special.

Micro weddings2

Location, location, location

If you fancy having your wedding abroad on a tropical beach, it might be easier and more convenient to have a smaller wedding party. The less people you have, the more feasible that candle lit dinner by the sea will seem.

Anyone seen the Sex and the City movie when Carrie and Big finally get married? They have their reception party in a restaurant with a couple of their closest friends. Why not book out a room in your favourite restaurant or bar? Maybe the place you had your first date? Keep it simple and make it meaningful and it can be a lot more relaxing knowing you don’t have to coordinate a million different things at once.  

Alternatively, you could go back to your home and have the party there! Get in your favourite cakes, bottles of prosecco and celebrate in the comfort of your own home. What’s better, at the end of the night you’re only a 30 second drop to your bed – sounds dreamy to me.

Micro weddings7

Don’t get me wrong, big weddings might be right for you as they are an awesome way to bring everyone together and can be great fun planning! But if you fancy an alternative for whatever your reasons may be, micro weddings might be the simple answer you are looking for. 

Jennifer Claire is the Founder of The Celebrant Directory and lives and breathes all things ceremony! After officiating big days for 10 years, she now focuses on giving you the tips you need to create your perfect celebration.

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