Real Wedding Ceremony. Seville. Emma and Glenn

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Real wedding ceremony in Seville, Spain

Read Emma and Glenn’s beautiful real life ceremony story at the Hacienda San Rafael in Seville as told by their celebrant, the lovely Nikki Kulin

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Meet the wedding couple

Emma and Glenn, of Irish and Australian descent and based in Sydney, contacted me to conduct their Wedding Ceremony at the beautiful Hacienda San Rafael in Seville, a year in advance.  I’m often asked if it is more difficult working with couples who you cannot meet in person.  I can say categorically that, thanks to the wonders of technology and my tried and trusted methods, all my couples feel that they get to know me and I them in the run up to the ceremony so that their guests will definitely know that we know each other. 

Seville wedding venue, Hacienda San Rafael

This was the first time for me at this stunning Hacienda based in the countryside south west of Seville is, quite simply, the most versatile and visually splendid location.  I have carried out three ceremonies there so far and the staff are exceptional, the space is vast without seeming cavernous and it is, without doubt, one of my favourite venues in this part of the world. 

Emma and Glenn 9 min

A humorous love story 

What became apparent when I read this gorgeous couple’s questionnaires was their fabulous sense of fun and humour.  Working closely with them, I created a really personal ceremony telling their love story which was full of humour and oozing their personalities.  On the day itself, Emma’s nerves had kicked in, and I spent time with her just running through everything and giving her a few hints and tips to help her feel calm.

Having been given away by her Father, Emma and Glenn were both excited for me to share the ceremony I had written and their story which reflected them completely.  The bride’s step father, John, shared the lyrics to the Irish Country song, ‘She Moved Through the Fair’ by Loreena McKennitt with his beautiful lilting Irish accent. The two other readings were specially chosen by the friends asked to read.

Personal wedding vows and promises

I have a tried and tested method of working with couples to help them write their personal vows and promises – and they don’t even realise they have done it!  I encourage them to share them for the first time on the day itself as it makes it extra special.  Each couple is different though, and some choose to have me read them and say a final refrain.  Not the case with Emma and Glenn!  Their promises brought a smile to my face as I compiled them, and knew they would bring an extra level of joy to their guests on the day itself.  This was not least because Emma made a confession that, despite her previous denial, it had actually been her who had crashed the car – a wonderfully personal moment and one which had everyone in fits of laughter.  Poor Glenn was somewhat blindsided but took it with typical Ozzie humour.

Emma and Glenn 11 min

Personalising a sand unity ritual

Emma and Glenn had initially been reluctant to include a ritual within their ceremony but, after some discussion, decided upon a Sand Unity Ritual with both Mum’s included bringing sand from Ireland, Australia and me from the beach in Spain to represent both of their heritages and their Ceremony in Spain.  It didn’t quite go according to plan though, as one of the Mum’s had forgotten her sand, but it just added to the personal, laid back and humorous proceedings which fitted this couple perfectly!

I totally love my job, getting to know fabulous couples from all over the world and closer to home, writing their love story and personal ceremony and conducting it in their chosen location.  I can honestly say that the endorphins which my body releases when I conduct a Ceremony confirm that I truly have the best job in the World!

A few words from the couple

We had our wedding in Seville Spain a few weeks ago and had Nikki on board to do our ceremony. It was honestly such a great ceremony, all the guests laughed and clapped. Nikki told our story so well and is in contact with you from the moment you book her. She provides drafts for you to review and amend. Even when you tell her you’re nerves have kicked in she ensures that you are comfortable! We can’t recommend her enough.

Venue: Hacienda San Rafael    

Photographer: Andreas Holm 


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