Reflecting brightly coloured rainbow wedding celebrations in your ceremony

Coloured wedding celebration

With summer just around the corner many couples are looking to style their special day with a little (or a lot!) of bright colour. Instagram is full of floristry and bridal party couture inspiration, but there are lots of easy ways to inject a rainbow of colour into the most special part of your day; the ceremony! This makes sure you kick your big day off with a clear shout that this is a bright, joyous, colourful occasion!

Here’s a few ways you can ensure you walk down the aisle to a burst of brights…

Shining happy people!


Of course your bridal party will be a rainbow of colour, but the majority of brides don’t want to give up the ivory dress. Make sure you tie the two together with bright additions such as in your veil/dress accessories  (see link for quirky inspiration).

A colourful bouquet can be achieved with flowers but if you want something really vibrant and standout then take a look at the works of art from www.crzybest.co.uk, shown below, also available as buttonholes for those colourful grooms.

Consider your colour scheme before sending invitations, then set the tone with bold, bright invitations. I don’t recommend a dress code but guests that know the vibe for your wedding often want to make an effort to fit, so go bold and bright and you’ll encourage guests to do the same!

The ceremony space

Have your wedding somewhere colourful! The freedom of a celebrant-led wedding means you can have your wedding anywhere. Traditional venue ceremony spaces are often safe neutrals, but free from civil licensing restrictions why not head to a bright and beautiful restaurant, art gallery, or of course the most beautiful palette of all; outdoors amongst the summer blooms.

When thinking about décor the certificate table is much overlooked, but one of the most important places in your ceremony!
Your signing of a wedding certificate is the photo that is often treasured by many friends and family, but the table is often a little dull…make sure you put your (colourful!) bouquet down on the table and even consider a personalised, bright tablecloth (try sparksanddaughters.com). 

For an easy burst of colour at zero extra cost then ask your venue to bring reception décor into the ceremony space, for example using top-table decoration on the certificate table, or line the aisle with your table centrepieces for you to walk between as you enter and leave.

Do something colourful

A celebrant ceremony allows you to personalise every element from your vows to how you might want to symbolise your new union of marriage. There are so many ways you can do this, many of which can incorporate bold colours, for example:

  • Hand-fasting with a combination of beautiful coloured ribbons, binding you and your partner’s hand together in a beautiful ceremony ended by you each pulling the ribbons to literally ‘tie the knot’; a lasting colourful reminder of the promises made
  • Blending together brightly contrasting sands, symbolising the joining of your two separate lives into one which can never be separated. Involve friends and family to bring in many beautiful coloured sands into a final artwork! Read more here
  • Exchanging bright garlands or crowns; You don’t need to have a Hindu heritage to embrace this fabulous tradition, the exchange of garlands symbolizing giving your love to each other in the most gorgeous way.
  • For something modern how about locking together two brightly coloured love-locks (and enjoy chucking away the key to symbolise the eternity of your commitment!)

Colourful guests3

Also consider having a bold and beautiful order-of-ceremony. Not just reserved for religious ceremonies, your celebrant can provide you the text to create one for your ceremony, setting the tone and style and providing a lovely keepsake for you and your guests. These can easily be designed and printed online for very little cost.

These are just a few ideas to make sure your day is the sea of joy and colour you want it to be. Make sure your celebrant knows your wedding vision at your first planning meeting; you might not have thought colour-scheme was ‘our thing’ but most of us thrive on creative challenges and love doing anything we can to personalise the most important part of your day!

Photo credits:

Gemstone bouquet: Stephanie Butt Photography 

Coloured veil: Vicki Clayson Photography 

Ribbons: Jon Cripwell Photography



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