How to renew your vows on a budget

Renewing vows on a budget

So, you are renewing your weddings vows – that’s great! A fantastic way to re-cement your love or mark a significant marriage milestone, Renewal of Vows Ceremonies are becoming more and more popular with couples all over the world.

As this is your second declaration of love, you might not want to spend quite as much as you did when you first got married. Or perhaps you are just not in a position to make such a fuss this time around. Either way, you can still have a magical day with the one you love, celebrating this amazing time with your friends and family. Here’s how…

The Ceremony

Since vow renewals are not restricted at all with location, you are free to choose any venue you like! Have your renewal at a park, on the beach or in your own back garden. You don’t need an expensive venue for your ceremony, and a Celebrant can officiate a great ceremony somewhere that is special for you as a couple.

Renew vows on a budget


This is the perfect opportunity to get a little bit crafty! Making your own invitations is easy and allows you to add a little of your own personality. You can really get creative and make them as intricate as you like (even get some friends to help!). Photocards of your time as a couple makes a nice invitation, which is super quick and easy.


Keep it simple! Hiring a DJ or band is quick way to increase costs of a small ceremony. If entertainment is your big thing – go for it! However, for a small ceremony you really can keep costs down by creating your own playlist, using an MP3 player and some speakers. This is a good time to ask your friends – if you don’t have the equipment already someone you know will do!

Food and Drinks

There are plenty of options for food and drink to keep it minimal. The venue may have a bar where your guests can buy their own drinks, or if there is no bar you may be able to get your guests to all bring a bottle! For food there is no need to go overboard – this is a great place to rope in some friends and family to rustle up some canapes.

Renew vows on a budget1

Everything Else

Pinterest is a great way to get some inspiration on all aspects of the ceremony for any budget. This is a great time to have a look at other people’s ideas and mix them up to create something special to you.

A couple of ideas to save costs can be to put disposable cameras on the tables so that your guests can take photos for you instead of hiring a photographer. Don’t go all out with a big cake – there are plenty of alternative out there including cupcake or brownie towers.

Renew vows on a budget3

If you are concerned about the number of guests, be ruthless over who you invite or have a ‘no children’ policy to cut numbers. Remember – this is your day, so don’t feel pressurised by others.

You might be on a budget but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your renewal in style! A few simple tweaks can be all you need to have a great day without breaking the bank -just by putting a little bit of love into it you can make the ceremony as unique as you!!

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