When you lose someone close the whole experience is daunting , its sad its so painful and the journey from your loved ones death till the funeral is paved with questions, forms, telephone calls and despair. Debbie Coe is your go to person for a funeral service that is as individual as the one you have lost. She is passionate, caring and listens to your needs and guides you through what is one of the hardest 45 minutes of your life .Saying goodbye is so tough but she led us through my mums funeral with professional wisdom and complete trust that our service would be unique, honest and a real tribute to my mums life. Words which is what Debbie is all about are heartfelt and true , said with empathy and understanding. She made for my family and friends a truly memorable and fitting service which she deserves so much credit for. Thank you just doesn’t sound strong enough. DeeDee Lomax

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