Dear Lucy, Rosie and I wanted to say one enormous thank you to you for your peerless professionalism, deep expertise and classiness throughout the entire wedding process. You were an immediate hit with all of us when we first met you last year and, by the time the wedding had been and now gone, you had created even more fans.

Wedding planning as a descriptor simply doesn’t do justice to the service you offer: facilitation, orchestration, conflict resolution, therapy, provision of calm and kindness is closer to what we feel we received from Lucy Till.

Perhaps your uncopiable skill is, swan like, to look serene and unflappable as if you were part of the party whilst all the time subjecting every last detail of that party to your exacting organisational standards.

It seems that there is no shortage of demand for you, but please feel free to cut and paste any of this to land more lucky clients.

With our best wishes and many, many thanks,

Rosie & Richard


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