Should I have flowers at my wedding ceremony?


For 27 years, one of our members, Patricia worked as a florist, specialising in wedding flowers. She knows a thing or two about jazzing up your big day with flowers.

We interviewed Patricia to give you the ins and outs of what flowers you should choose and how you should prepare them for your wedding day.

Hello Patricia, so what’s your background?

For 27 years I worked as a florist specialising in wedding flowers.  Each wedding was different, each couple different and each one had desire to be unique. Floristry was hard work. 

Having completed more than 2,000 weddings I was facing retirement but not ready to stop just yet . I’m  a pure romantic at heart and I love weddings, just as I Love flowers.

Having experienced a celebrant led wedding for my daughter I had enjoyed it so much and thought I could do that if I put my mind to it. So that’s exactly what I did. I signed up for a wedding celebrancy course followed soon after by a funeral celebrancy course. I loved the learning aspect of it and writing couples love stories was just so enjoyable.  When I started to take bookings and meeting couples on zoom I was delighted to put my training into practice. Couples would refer to my experience as a florist and ask if they really need flowers.

So do you need flowers on your wedding day?

Absolutely! Flowers bring romance – and there is nothing like the beautiful smell of the buds as you walk down the aisle.  Plus the colours add to the magic of your day.

What’s your tips when choosing flowers for your wedding day?

TIP 1.

Flowers play a huge part in weddings, when a bride appears in  a cloud of white or whatever ensemble you choose, your flowers are the second thing they see. They also enhance every aspect of your ceremony and reception.

Remember: Choose seasonal flowers. Tulips in spring, Dahlia in summer, etc. Seasonal flowers stand out so beautifully

TIP 2.

Your ceremony table will look far more beautiful if enhanced with fresh flowers. A unity display of 3 candles is amazing and can be reused on your top table Even if it is the simplest display.  

Flowers and candles are so romantic.

Remember: Choose a theme that matches your personality. Are you earthy? Do you love foliage? Or are you formal? Do you like lots of small flowers lime freesia or roses? This will help you choose.

TIP 3.

Fresh flowers on a cake is so fabulous, especially when themed with your wedding bouquets.

Remember: If your wedding has lots of foliage then your wedding cake table should be adorned with foliage and just simple flowers on the cake.

So are flowers needed for brides and grooms?

Buttonholes look so good on the Groom, Groomsmen and on Ladies. Fresh buttonholes or corsages are the finishing touch to your outfit. They can be simple or flamboyant.

The idea of buttonholes/ a flower pinned to a lapel goes back to Victorian times, when a flower would be taken from the brides bouquet and pinned to her beloved. Ladies wearing corsages came from much later when a lady wore a corsage instead of a brooch or other jewellery to enhance their outfit. 

How about the tables? 

Depending on your budget and your feeling on flowers. There are many solutions for your tables. For your top table you can reuse your unity display from your ceremony table. 

 Remember: Centrepieces should reflect you and your style. If you wish to use just foliage and gypsophilia, you could possibly have this for upwards of £20. 

Candelabras or large bowls of flowers could range from £60 per table. But you could spend upwards of £100 per table. Once again your budget is your budget.

What is your biggest tip for wedding ceremony flowers?

Everything should be colour coordinated. If your bouquets are feminine and dainty, then use that theme. If you’re going wild and vintage you can blend your colours, just make sure your theme carries through.

Bring Sellotape!  WHY Sellotape?

All my years as a florist I gained so much expertise. I was walking past a beautiful wedding one day and noticed a lot of excitement around the brides dress.

The stamen hadn’t been removed from her lillies (big mistake) by her florist and had marked her dress badly. The initial reaction was to get water. Luckily, I was just in time and got some Sellotape from the church sacristy and removed the stamen by smoothing the Sellotape over the stain and pulling it off really quickly (like a band aid) or waxing)

I repeated this many times until you could hardly see the mark at all. Resulting in one happy bride.

Now I take no chances…… and I have Sellotape in my car without fail.

Find Patricia in The Celebrant Directory and send her an enquiry here Love and Cherish – Celebrant – The Celebrant Directory

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