How To Prepare For Every Eventuality of Weather At Your Wedding Ceremony

How To Prepare For Every Weather Eventuality At Your Wedding Ceremony

If there's is one thing that is out of your control on your wedding day it's the weather, especially if you are planning a UK wedding. Of course, you are more likely to get certain types of weather in certain seasons but being prepared for every eventuality of weather at your wedding ceremony is always a good idea!


It's been known that some less desired weather conditions can create some epic wedding photography, so don't panic, get prepared and as the old saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining!


Check out our advice and tips on how to prepare for the weather at your wedding ceremony.

How To Prepare For Every Weather Eventuality At Your Wedding Ceremony


The sun, albeit beautiful, can still cause some problems, especially if there is a heatwave. Make sure that you have parasols available for your guests to stay shaded whilst you take your vows. Generally, they will be sat there a lot longer than the two of you, so keeping them comfortable is key. You may even decide to do the ceremony in a different area where it's more shaded if you think the heat may be too much, or if you're staring directly into the sunlight to take your vows.


Make sure you have ice cold water available for your guests too; this will cool them down and risk any episodes of heat stroke.

How To Prepare For Every Weather Eventuality At Your Wedding Ceremony


Gusts of wind can cause havoc to all sorts of plans! From travelling for your guests to keeping decor in one place. If it's paired with the rain there's no doubt you'll be taking your ceremony indoors, but if paired with the sun you may still want to have it outside.


Make sure all your outdoor decor is sturdy and secure to the ground. Using lower-level decorations is a good idea for wind and if you have candles in your plan then LED ones will be foolproof. It's important to stay flexible when it comes to the weather at your wedding so have a contingency plan in place always.

How To Prepare For Every Weather Eventuality At Your Wedding Ceremony


Whatever the season, if you're getting, married in the UK then there's always going to be a chance of some kind of rain. Have a plan B or a different order of the day (within reason) just in case a bit of rain gets in the way. Make sure you have umbrellas available for your guests to use if they haven't brought one themselves.


Don't forget that rain photography can be incredible, so chat with your photographer about this prior to your wedding and get out there with your brolly and get those killer shots!

How To Prepare For Every Weather Eventuality At Your Wedding Ceremony


Some couples may choose to get married in winter in the hope that they'll get snow! It mostly snows in the UK between January and March so it's a bit of a long shot but snow can make for a beautiful backdrop of weather at your wedding. Being prepared is key when it comes to snow, as there are travel problems involved and also the bitter cold that it brings with it.


If you have guests travelling from afar then keep an eye on the weather forecast and stay in communication with your guests. If possible they should travel a day early to be on the safe side. Bear in mind that even with heating some venues may still have a bit of a chill so make sure you have blankets available for your guests. Suitable footwear may be needed too, so keep your guests updated. You may even want to add a warm drinks reception instead - mulled wine and hot chocolates are sure to go down a treat on a cold and snowy day!

How To Prepare For Every Weather Eventuality At Your Wedding Ceremony

The weather at your wedding is out of your control, so it's absolutely not worth your stress! Be prepared and have some fun with it... brave the elements as they say!


If you're looking for more advice and inspiration for your wedding day check out our ideas and inspiration blog.

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