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Hi, I'm Hazel

My name is Hazel, and I believe in magic.

Magic is what I try to bring to your ceremony. My role is to get to know you with an open mind and an open heart, and craft something that I hope you will remember with joy for the rest of your life. I feel so lucky to spend my time getting to know you, to hear your story and translate it into a completely bespoke ceremony.

Rituals are incredibly powerful. A ceremony can welcome a new life to this world, or bind two souls together through their love. Ceremony can let go of a life beautifully lived, or aid in the grief of a life gone too soon. This time we carve out, directing our collective energy into love and celebration, is truly sacred.

What's my ceremony style?

I am interested in combining celebrancy with elements of nature and symbolism including tarot, guided meditation and candle rituals. I take everything you tell me about your day into account: the geographic location, the moon cycles, the seasons, your ancestry and the history of the lands.

I enjoy working in all kinds of locations and luckily in Scotland there is so much variety. Find me in a historic luxurious castle, or out in the wilderness. Find me in the middle of the City or in a DIY backyard ceremony. Find me amongst hundreds of guests, or standing in front of just the two of you. I am here for all of it.

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Why choose Hazel?

As an Interfaith Minister, I can bring as many or as few religious or spiritual elements as you might like. Maybe you’re not religious but you believe in something more, and you want to honour that. Maybe your family comes from a particular faith path, and you’re not practising, but it still holds a lot of meaning to you. I can work with you to include whatever feels truly right. Interfaith Ministers love and appreciate all faiths and those with no faith, so you are all so welcome here.

My celebrancy style is one that starts with curiosity – what rituals would reflect you and your loved ones? What words can I choose that will make you laugh or cry or just feel the wonder of the world?

What do I offer?



My ideal couple wants a deeply personal ceremony. Many of the couples I work with don’t identify as religious but believe in something more – in a bit of magic, in the power of love, in fate or in Mother Nature or in the webs of the universe holding us all.

Your unique beliefs are so very welcome here, and I can include anything you like in a legally binding wedding ceremony in Scotland. I can also honour the beliefs in your lineage and ancestry. I love to work with couples who want their ceremony to be meaningful, and want to take the time to put together ritual elements like handfastings, ring blessings, quaich ceremonies or jumping the broom.

I am so glad that you and your partner have found each other. A wedding, elopement or vow renewal is an opportunity to share your own beautiful version of love with each other and those who mean the very most to you. Whether your words are heard by a thousand guests, a close few, or just you two and the elements, this is a place where magic happens.

For a long time, the wedding ceremony has been an overlooked and often rushed part of the day, because it has followed old structures and scripts. It doesn’t have to be that way. Your ceremony can be a manifestation of all that you are together.

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Why choose Hazel for your wedding?

My dream is this: to work with you to create something sacred. Something that you will remember forever with fondness and truth. The truth of your story as individuals as a couple, and the truth of your faith. Whether you consider yourself to be agnostic, spiritual or belonging to religion, I am here for all of it. Likewise, I love to work with all sexual orientations and gender identities.

This is a safe space for you. Together, we can create a wonderful experience. You are welcome to include sound, song, readings, ritual, poetry, movement, meditation, blessings. In my process, as a celebrant, I love to work with everything you bring.

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Naming Ceremonies

How incredible it is to bring new life into this world.

Bodies change, hearts expand and families are transformed. There are variety of times when you might want to bring your closest friends and family together to set intention for the future and welcome a new addition.

One of the first gifts we give to our children is their name, and they will own it forever. It forms the very start of their identity. And absolutely, it is something to celebrate.

I create unique naming ceremonies. I have found that the most special part of a naming ceremony is bringing together the village, metaphorically, that will help raise your child. This is a time for your family and friends to set intentions, to truly welcome your child into their lives.

Music, poetry, dance, writing, painting – anything goes at a baby naming. I can’t wait to hear your ideas.

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Why choose Hazel for your naming ceremony?

I love life. All of it. I love your children and who they might become with all the love you’re giving them.

People describe me as a gentle soul, and I feel honoured to be known that way. It would be a pleasure to walk by your side as you and your family take part in such a moving rite of passage.


Renewal of Vows

I love couples who are fearlessly in love.

A vow renewal is so special because it is a recognition of how far you’ve come, the things that have changed, the things that haven’t, the places you’ve been, the places you’d still like to go together, and so much more.

A vow renewal could be small and intimate, or a large celebration with your friends and family. Whatever you’re thinking, I’d love to help.

As a vow renewal celebrant, my costings include all meetings, writing up your ceremony, helping choose readings and music, and of course being there on the day to bring it all to life with you.

Together we’ll map out a ritual that honours you as a couple.

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Why choose Hazel for your renewal of vows?

My ceremonies will always be bespoke to you and your love story. All stories are sacred. The good, the bad, the best moments, the hardest days. Your humanity is perfect as it is, and that is what my ceremonies offer.

My writing style is is intuitive and welcoming, and I arrive with plenty of ideas to support you on your day.



Dearest friend,

Death is an inescapable part of life. While we can’t avoid it, we can honour it, respect it, and create a celebration that truly reflects the individual who has departed from their Earthly self.

Death is delicate and fragile, and yet so heavy and overwhelming. As a funeral celebrant, my role is to witness you, hear your wishes and then deliver a ceremony that offers real space for you and for the person who has passed on.

I can include as many or as few religious or spiritual elements as you like. These days, many people do not feel they belong to a particular religion, but don’t fit inside of the atheist or traditionally humanist belief systems, either. Anything that brings you comfort is beautiful in my eyes – your truth is what matters in these moments that bring us all the way back to the core of ourselves.

I offer full funeral services for families, mainly in Glasgow. But I can travel across the country for anniversary memorials and tributes.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, there are many who didn’t get closure, or the chance to say goodbye, including my own family. A memorial is a place to come back to that unprocessed grief.

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Why choose Hazel for your funeral?

As an independent celebrant and Interfaith Minister, I can truly include ANYTHING that your family wishes for the funeral. Whatever faith looks like for you, I can embrace that and weave it through the writing of the ceremony script.

I have a huge variety of resources on end of life care, death and dying as well as poetry, readings, communities and events.


Reviews for Rev Hazel Jane

Total Reviews: 16

Average Rating: 5

reviews (16)


In safe hands.

5 Stars

Funeral | 04/05/2023 | Glasgow crematorium

At a moment in life, when you need safe hands – Hazel Jane set in motion a feeling of safety and reassurance, initially providing a safe space for us to share and figure out what we would want the service for my dad to be like. Hazel made us feel at ease, she was so warm, genuine and compassionate. Hazel’s first draft of the eulogy was perfect, I have no idea how she done this, her attention to capturing the fine detail is astounding!
Hazel is in my mind, a very special and intuitive person, her delivery of the service was such a beautiful experience, she managed to balance everything so perfectly, and my dad’s farewell was so fitting, meaningful and even uplifting. I had so many family members and friends commenting on how wonderful she was. Hazel’s dedication to her craft is truly amazing, there were tears and a few moments of humour, and people also said they felt grounded afterwards. Hazel is grounded and really knows how to read the room, making the service so personal was such a skill, she’s a natural.
Thank you, Hazel, can’t thank you enough for making a difficult day so much easier to deal with, it was much more personal than I could have hoped for, thank you again.



5 Stars
Amanda Napier

Wedding | 11/01/2022 | Dundas Castle

It has taken a couple of months to write this review as no words could express how much warmth, love and magic Hazel put into our wedding.

From the very first moment my husband and I met Hazel over zoom we knew instantly that she was the one to be our celebrant! From her vibrant, kind and shining personality to her genuine excitement for our upcoming ceremony she made us feel so comforted and reassured and truly understood what we were after, an enchanting ceremony with a sprinkling of ancient magic and tradition.

Me and my now husband scanned the internet and the list of suppliers given to us by our wedding planner, no one felt quite right, many appeared similar to each other and we felt that no one could bring to our ceremony what we needed until we came across Hazel.

We knew almost instantly she was the perfect match for us, we all clicked straight away from the first introduction, I felt like Hazel was different and very unique, she understood exactly what we wanted from our ceremony and she put so much love and soul into making it perfect for us.

Hazel didn’t treat our wedding ceremony like it was just another job, she was so easy to talk to and did her very best to make the ceremony every bit as magical as we hoped. It was like she did not need to try she was just a huge part of the ceremony and our wedding day. She made the ceremony so magical and enchanting which is exactly what we wanted and it was better than we could ever have dreamed of.

Through the love questionnaires she was able to find out about our story and how our tale began, in a way I was reminded of how much I love and adore my groom through the retelling of our stories of how we first met and our first adventures together and the importance of our love and the connection we have together, I fell in love all over again. 

Planning a wedding can be so stressful and throughout all the challenges we had Hazel remind us of what was important and she brought out the happiness and joy of getting married. 

Our ceremony was magical, words couldn’t describe how beautiful Hazel made it, it was full of laughter and tears of happiness. I could not imagine anyone else to be our celebrant as Hazel just fits perfectly. She lights up the room and if you’re lucky enough to meet her it is like you have always known her. She is so kind and caring and I highly recommend Hazel as a celebrant.

Our whole family have repeated to us how wonderful our celebrant was and how enchanting the words were. We can honestly say we couldn’t have chosen a better person with such a wonderful way with words and knowledge of ceremonies and rituals of many kinds, but with such a genuine kindness and passion for what she does. We feel truly lucky and if you’re looking for someone for your ceremony we can highly, highly recommend Hazel Jane!


Six Stars!

5 Stars
Fiona Evry

Wedding | 10/22/2022 | Old Dr Bells Baths Edinburgh

I wish I could give Hazel 6 stars!! I honestly have too much to say but I will try and keep it to the point! Hazel’s ceremony that she put together for us was my favourite part of the day and when I think back to it I am filled with such happiness. Every single person at the wedding told us that they had never seen a ceremony like ours and that it was so special and beautiful to be a part of. Hazel was attentive to our requests and sensitive to our wider family’s beliefs. She wrote a ceremony that I will treasure forever (and did all this whilst having her first child!!!). If you choose Hazel for your special day you will be so happy of that decision – we certainly are. Thank you Hazel, you are such a joy to us. Fiona & Joel xxx

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