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Hi, I'm Meg

I will be delighted to meet you to help create the occasion you envisage. We will work closely together to brain storm ideas and I can tweak and re-tweak until you are happy. We can together create the wedding, funeral, naming ceremony or renewal of vows which you would like. In all ceremonies there is a place for laughter as well as for reflection.

What's my ceremony style?

I would describe myself as friendly, outgoing, enthusiastic, compassionate and colourful. My life has been lived to the full, giving me much experience of many different areas of human life. There are many adventures which I still look forward to and many friends I have yet to meet. The important thing on the day is that this is your ceremony so I will always respect this.

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Why choose Meg?

By choosing me you will have an attentive, compassionate, caring and intelligent celebrant for your occasion. Working creatively, we can come up with ideas which are not always seen in every wedding. I am open to your suggestions and will add some of my own. We will plan carefully and can keep in touch throughout the process so that if you change your mind about ideas we can accommodate those.

What do I offer?



Any couple who love each other and wish to be committed to each other is my ideal couple. The only criteria is that both participants are willing to be joined by words of bonding love. The type of ceremony which you prefer is my preference, whether that is outside on top of a hill, on a beach, under a canopy in your own garden, or inside a stately home or other venue.

The important thing I would offer a couple is listening and responding to hints and ideas you may have concerning your special day. Let’s work together to form an outline for the actual ceremony including words and music if you would like.

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Why choose Meg for your wedding?

I have time for you. I will make sure from our initial chat that we have an idea of each other. I am very open and happy to answer questions about myself. Whilst weddings are bursts of happiness and joy they should also include moments of stillness. I will encourage you to remember why you are there and that the important part of the day is your loving commitment to each other.


Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies for babies and children is one of the most joyous parts of the work I do. They are such uplifting occasions. Occasionally the baby to be named may be in hospital but even at these times, the ceremony itself can be full of love and tenderness. Whether you are holding your ceremony in your own home or garden, or in a venue of your choosing, we will need to be flexible. Children do not always do what you anticipate or plan for but that is part of the inclusivity and joy of the day.

I can offer you a ceremony which is a celebration of the life of the child or children and which can include siblings as an important part of the day and of the life together in the future. Inter generational occasions like naming ceremonies can be the most memorable of all. We can include promises made by the special people in the child’s life, words and music both of which can be interactive. There will be laughter and possibly noise but also some carefully chosen structure.

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Why choose Meg for your naming ceremony?

I have always loved the solemnity and utter joy which comes from the recognition of a precious child into this world. I remember a wise older person saying to me that I should always respect and listen to my children and it got me thinking about what we can all offer to each other. Balloons and cake are very important but the hope and promise of a new life is a spiritual and important thing to all of us.


Renewal of Vows

Any couple who have decided after however long, to celebrate again their love for each other, are my kind of couple. There are many ways in which we can do this and I am sure you will have quite a few of your own by then. It might be that the original marriage was not quite as envisaged by you or it might simply be that after weathering a few storms, you want to reaffirm your love for each other. Either way I will enjoy working with you to make your ideal occasion.

You might want to celebrate quietly with a very few carefully chosen guests in front of whom you would like to renew the vows made to each other before. It might be that you could not have a large gathering before and this time want to have all your family and friends to witness and enjoy your happy renewal day. You might read the vows you made before or you might come up with new ones, you may know each other better now and want to affirm your commitment with that in mind,

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Why choose Meg for your renewal of vows?

Relationships can be tough and life can throw bumps in the road of life together which we might not have foreseen. Couples who not only stick through those times but come out of them with renewed love for each other, should be celebrated I believe. We can create a meaningful occasion where we acknowledge what you have both meant to each other and how you feel about each other now. To celebrate and have a great party with friends you have met along the way is a lovely way of giving back to them and sharing your love for each other too.



My business is geared towards anyone who would like to hold an occasion for someone they wish to hold a loving and thoughtful occasion for. I will work with anyone in this type of occasion and I like to talk to as many key friends and family of the deceased as possible to get a well rounded picture. Sometimes the person who is dying is the one wishing to organise the ceremony and they may therefore have definite ideas of what they want to include. We will do our very best to accommodate all important wishes.

As a celebrant we are able to hold a celebration either in a chosen venue which may include the burial of the ashes or in the crematorium. The attention to detail within the words and music for a ceremony to commemorate the death of your loved one, is very important to us. Every single ceremony we undertake is fresh and new and will be tailor made for your specific needs. You may have a very clear idea of what you want or not, in either case we can help to make a special and memorable occasion.

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Why choose Meg for your funeral?

As a funeral celebrant I have a warm, compassionate approach to the family and friends who are hoping to honour their loved one. When appropriate we can laugh about memories and anecdotes and include some of the amazing life stories which I am sure you will have. There will be a need for reflection and I believe strongly that words are very powerful so should be chosen carefully. I will endeavour to get the right tone for you and for the deceased.


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